About Our No-Tipping Policy

Instead of working for tips, we address the costs of providing table service by including an 18% charge for dining-in guests. We do not accept any gratuities.

(If you’d really like to express extra gratitude at the end of your meal, you can leave cash behind as a donation to our charity of the month, which is listed on the menu.)

We believe that charging for service and declining tips is an appropriate option for professionals in any industry including hospitality.

Our service revenue, like our profits, is distributed among everyone who works here (which is not allowed with tips). This is us living the truth that everybody here is fully responsible for the quality of your experience, and that we all work together to give you the best food, drink and service possible.

For further information about our “tip-free” policy, check out our “Table Service Charge Q&A” blog post and the ensuing discussion.

PS Please note: we’ve closed blog comments on tipping because, as people across town (and across the internet) learn about our policy, we get a lot of comment activity without covering too much new ground. If you would like to dicuss specifics of the policy, please email me directly. As new ground is covered and new insights arise, we will be sure to cover them on the blog.