An EZ Dish: The Taco Shop Cheeseburger


This dish at El Take It Easy is inspired by the places in San Diego where you can most dependably get a charred burger cooked on a flat-top, with mayonnaise that mixes in with the tomato for old-school secret sauce, and a slice of cheddar cheese. I’m not talking about In-N-Out, I’m talking about your local taco shop. Or at least mine, wherever I’ve lived in this town.

I’m told that in other cities, this is called a drugstore burger, but I call it a taco shop burger.

As much as I loved eating burgers at my local xBerto’s a dozen years ago, these days I have a lot higher expectations about what I eat, and more importantly, about what we feed you. So this burger is wholesome: grass-fed beef, local heirloom tomato, local lettuce, Spring Hill Jersey cheddar, house baked semolina bun, and house-made mayonnaise from pastured chicken eggs. And those ingredients also make it the most delicious drugstore taco shop burger you could possibly have.


Served with fries that we make ourselves, and most importantly, served in the spirit of the taco shop. This burger is as good as it gets. You might order a second one. I did.

PS Bobby probably has some pretty good pairings up his sleeve for this, but he wasn’t working tonite so I went with the Txakolina. It was a great match, I recommend it.