Catching Up With Suzie’s

As most of you already know, one of the farms that we work with is Suzie’s Farm. We love their produce so much that we even have a “Suzie’s Salad” on our menu (killer if you ask me). We invited Shannon from Suzie’s to come and chat with us and it was great hearing about what’s going on at Suzie’s. Here’s a little insight on our meet up:

What do you think Suzie’s Farm has in common with The Linkery?

We are both about connecting people back to their food. We are both about community. We are both about diversity. At Suzie’s we have always been grateful to The Linkery since you guys have stuck with us since you opened up.

How is it knowing that you are part of the North Park community through your presence in restaurants here?

The owners of the farm actually reside here in North Park so you can only imagine how much they love it. It’s been great seeing the growth of all of us as the years go by. The growth of the community, of The Linkery and of Suzie’s Farm. It is great knowing that we are part of a community with family values.

What produce should we be excited about during this season?

At the moment there are a lot of root vegetables at the farm. We have also been harvesting a lot of big leafy veggies. We are loving a new lettuce mix that we created called the “Rustic Mix”. This mix includes oak leaves, little gem lettuce and lolarosa leaves. The three combine perfectly into a medley of different textures and flavors. This season is also exciting for us due to the green strawberries. These are an anticipation for the delicious strawberries that will be ripe and ready in the spring.

When speaking to guests about the farm, some have asked me if they are allowed to visit the farms. Can anyone come visit?

Right now we are offering a seedling tour where people can see how the harvesting process all begins. We are very excited about this spring when we are opening up the doors of our new fields to the community. On Saturday April 20th we will have our “Strawberry Jam”. There will be activities for everyone from picking the berries to making the sweetest strawberry jam. Everyone’s invited! For more information on tours contact:


It is great knowing that we share core values with our farmers. It brings us back to the realisation that we are working for something bigger than just serving at our restaurant. We are contributing to our community; and so are you when you join us at The Linkery. Cheers to that.