Friday Nite Chef’s Dinner With Max & Jair

This Friday at El Take It Easy, we are pleased to present our first chef’s dinner, with the Linkery’s own Max Bonacci and renowned Mexican chef Jair Téllez (of Laja and Merotoro); featuring pairings with wines from 33 Encinos winery near Tecate, and Cucapa beers from Mexical.

The dinner will be available from 6pm to about 11pm, maybe later, on Friday nite. Each of the six courses will be available a la carte, and also available with or without the wine/beer pairing; including pairings each course will cost between $9 and $15. While we will have our full selection of drinks available, at most only one or two dishes from the usual El Take It Easy food menu will be available on Friday so that we can present this special event.

Whole local spot prawn | 33 Encinos Sauvignon Blanc | 14

Local pastured chicken egg, rabbit bacon | cask-conditioned Cucapá Barleywine with tequila chips | 9

Local pastured goose | Cucapá Obscura | 10

Grass-fed Angus beef tenderloin | 33 Encinos Grenache/Cabernet/Petite Sirah | 15

Grass-fed California goat | Cucapá Chupacabra | 12

Hot chocolate custard | Cucapá Honey Ale | 9

also available | Pork belly tacos | 8

everything subject to change

I think you’ll find this a great opportunity not only to enjoy some great dishes, beer and wine, but also to enjoy the work of two chefs who are, in my opinion, spearheading a new way to think about cuisine in our region.