This Sunday we’re rolling out a new special that we think will be enjoyed by all of you — but particularly those of you who have a passing familiarity with da Islands.

Introducing, Linkery Loco Moco.

Grass-fed beef patty topped with local pastured chicken egg, on house made spam from Central Coast pastured pork, with Massa Organics brown rice and pastured local chicken gravy.

If you’ve ever wondered what this dish would taste like if it were made with da kine ingredients, well, now you’ll know. (Answer: Mo bettah.)

This will be available every Sunday from open (11am) to close (10pm). Sundays only, though. It’s our special Sunday special.

Is that a bowl of Loco Moco that Hop Porter was washing down with Olympia and cigarettes when this photo was taken at Flo’s Cafe in Hawaii in 1976? Probably not…but isn’t it pretty to think so?