your farmers

Almost all of our produce comes from Wingshadows Hacienda, Suzie’s Organic Farm, Schaner Farms, and Stehly Farms Organics. All of these farms are in San Diego County. We also get stone fruit from Smit Orchards, in California’s Central Valley.

The Berkshire pork with which we make sausage and bacon, and which we also feature in other dishes, is raised by Jim Neville (San Luis Obispo), and from Kelly Biensen’s Eden Farms farmers co-operative (based in State Center, Iowa). Additionally, each year we buy, cure, and serve one whey-fed, acorn-finished pig from Christine and Jim Maguire in Santa Margarita, California.

The pastured poultry we feature in our dishes is raised by Jack Ford of Taj Farms in Valley Center. Taj also provides us with rabbits, and pastured lamb and goat. All of our eggs are from pastured chickens raised by Wingshadows Hacienda, Taj Farms, Suzie’s Farm, and the Schaner family, all in San Diego County.

From about June to October, we also serve pastured lamb from Christine and Jim Maguire in Santa Margarita, California. The grass-fed beef we serve you is from Joel Judge and Jim Neville in San Luis Obispo, and Paso Prime, also in San Luis Obispo.

When we serve veal, it is pasture-raised, Limousin breed cattle from Strauss’ co-op in Wisconsin.

We serve you only wild-caught fish from the carefully-managed fishery just off our coast. Our shellfish is all wild-harvested off of Baja California or farm-raised in Carlsbad.