San Salvador Saison Release: This Thursday

It’s the time for San Salvador Saison!

This Ballast Point brew by Colby Chandler is a farmhouse ale made with the idea of what the Spanish might have made when they first arrived in San Diego – combining pre-Colombian/native adjuncts with the European brew. Every year folks from the Linkery and El Take It Easy help procure the ingredients, working with farmers/friends like Bruce Grammar of Wingshadows Hacienda and Wes Hudson of North Park Native Plants. Our folks also go to Ballast for the brewing of the beer, to help out and have fun.

Colby says this year’s brew is the most balanced yet. We’ll be debuting it this Thursday at 5pm at both the Linkery and El Take It Easy. Colby will be joining us that nite as well. Come say hi and taste this amazing beer!