The Magnolink Simul-Dinner. Yes, it includes lardo ice cream.

UPDATE: Bumpin’ this up. And refining some of the menu descriptions.

It’s almost here!

This Magnolia-Linkery joint will be happening Monday, May 11th. Magnolia beers, Linkery cured meats, the same dishes cooked by both kitchens, it’s gonna be cool as organic cucumbers and hotter than Haight-ies in here.

We’ll all be offering the dinner at both Magnolia Pub in San Francisco and the Linkery in San Diego. $45 including beer pairings. Come in any time between 6pm and 10:30pm for the dinner (though our regular menu will still be available from 5:30 to 11:30).

The courses all feature cured meat from the Linkery and beer from Magnolia.

Beer-steamed clams, dry chorizo, ramps, green garlic

Magnolia’s new as-yet-unnamed Branthill Bitter, cask-conditioned ordinary bitter made with farm-specific malt (Branthill, East Anglia, UK)


Maple country ham & beer bread coated Berkshire pork cutlets, Anson Mills grits, collards, whole-grain beer mustard

Prescription Pale Ale


Lardo ice cream sandwich with Taza organic chocolate chip cookie and candied bacon

Cole Porter

Additionally, at the Linkery we’ll have on hand Magnolia’s Wit Rabbit on draft and their Proving Ground IPA on cask, to round out the festivities.

Dave and some of the crew from Magnolia will be here at the Link to talk about their beers and food and all the amazing stuff they do up there in SF. Joel, Eric and I will rep the Link up on Haight Street, and we’ll set up some sort of Elvis-in-Hawaii-like satellite link (OK, actually Google video chat) so you can savor the haps at both places.

To me, this event celebrates the cooperative spirit of the real-food and craft-beer community that is growing stronger all over the country. Plus it’s all so damn delicious.