Valentine’s Day at the Link

UPDATE: I forgot to add, make your reservation here. Please note if you intend to have the special dinner (it’s not required that you note it, but it’s helpful).

You may have heard that next Thursday, the 14th of February, is a day in which a lot of couples like to go out to eat. We love going out to eat, and thus we support all “going out to eat” holidays.

To celebrate, in addition to our full menu on Thursday, Chef Keith also put together a special dinner for two for you:

note: full menu also available

first course (choose one for each person)

Red Frill Salad Local Red Frill, local strawberries, kohlrabi, Toma cheese, house baked rye bread cubes, pumpkin vinaigrette dressing
Shrimp Bisque Wild Mexican shrimp, cheddar crostini, green onion

second course (family style)
Steak and Gnocchi Framboise-marinated grass-fed hanger steak, house made Parisian gnocchi, glazed heirloom carrot, grilled red kale

third course (shared)
Chocolate and Orange blood orange cheesecake, chocolate graham crust, Cointreau whipped cream, cocoa nibs

also: two glasses (one per person) of French Champagne, beer or non-alcoholic beverage.

Dinner, including the drinks, costs $38/person. We’ll have it till we’re out, but if you note that you want it when you make your reservation, we’ll save one for you!

Pictured: last year’s V-Day dessert. This year we’re going orange.

PS We’ll have Alesmith’s awesome My Bloody Valentine on draft!