Where to Put the Stickers on A Hockey Helmet?

We all love colorful, customized Hockey Helmet Decals! Sometimes, changing your hockey helmet or redesigning your team’s logo means that you will need to reapply the decals on your helmet! How do you do that?

The placement of stickers is important and strategically regulated because it should not affect the integrity of the helmet by any means! All hockey helmets should come with a certification that attests to the fact that the helmet meets all the safety regulations imposed by the committee. 

When applying new stickers on the helmet, you should make sure that you follow a guide so that your helmet will still be safe for use and will still protect you in case of dangerous accidents. That’s why we came with a little guide on where to place the stickers on a hockey helmet without compromising the helmet’s integrity!

Here are some things you should have in mind!

1. Don’t cover the certification stickers!

Each and every hockey helmet available on the market has a sticker that proves that the product meets the certification requirements. This sticker also has an inscribed expiration date, so it should be available and easy to see. Don’t cover the sticker with anything else, otherwise, you won’t know when you’ll need to replace the helmet!

2. Customize your hockey helmet!

If you want to stand out while you’re in the ice rink, then you should go for other types of stickers that fit your taste! Your fans will be able to spot you way easier than before just by taking a look at your helmet! The placement of these stickers is important, and you can choose to glue them like this:

  • On the helmet’s brand logo

This is a great option especially if your team is not sponsored by any brand! You can choose to cover the brand logo inscribed on your helmet with a new decal, that’s more important to you! It will look cool, too!

  • In the front of the helmet

This is a tricky spot, but if you follow some rules, it should be no problem applying a sticker on the front part of your helmet! The decal should not affect the way the helmet is positioned on your head. If there’s enough space in the front part of your helmet, then you should totally go for it!

  •  In the back of the helmet

A lot of hockey players choose to place the new stickers just above the neck because the sticker stands out and it looks great from the distance. There are not any special rules for placing the sticker on the back of the helmet!

The sticker has a strong adhesive on the part that needs to be glued to the helmet, and once you removed the paper that is covering it, you are ready to apply it. This adhesive allows you to reposition the sticker and to adjust its position just in case you messed up the lining. After you positioned the sticker correctly, it will take a couple of minutes for the adhesive to harden and then, the sticker should last for quite a while!

You can now wear your helmet proudly without ever worrying about the decal peeling off! If you followed the step-by-step guide presented in the decals’ user’s guide, then the sticker will last on your helmet for a long time! Nowadays, sport decals are made to stand the test of time and sometimes they outlive the helmet! The stickers are waterproof and do not lose their bright colors because of the sun exposure.

The fun thing about stickers is that your fans will wear them, too! Lately, sport decals have become a way of fans showing their love and support to their favorite hockey players! So, if you are looking to redesign your team’s logo or you just bought a new hockey helmet, don’t worry about the placement of the stickers!

The decals should be placed in an easy-to-see part of the helmet, but they should never cover the certification stickers that attest to the safety of using that helmet! Having other stickers that make you stand out in the crowd is fine, too, but you should take extra care and pay a little bit more attention to the placement of those stickers, too, by following the tips that we gave you in this article!

Also, don’t be nervous if you misplaced one of your stickers, as long as you remove it and reposition it right away it should all be fine!

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