Farewell Fortnight At The Linkery

Cliff’s Notes Version: we’re open through July 15th, then closing. Come join us before then to say good-bye!


Dearest Friends, Neighbors and Loyal Supporters,

After a long time — eight years for me & Michael, six for Max — at the helm of this exploration called the Linkery, the last couple seasons have seen all three of us drawn in new and different directions. In turn, we are finding that we can’t, given our circumstances, make our restaurants the best they can be — which I believe is the least and most we can ask of ourselves and of any community enterprise. Simply put, it’s time for us to move on, and let new operators bring their unique gifts to the community. We will be closing the Linkery after service July 15th, and Hubcap at the end of July. Each place will be taken over by a different, independent, locally-based owner, and they will each bring exciting changes to 30th Street.

We’re proud of what went on here the last 8 years, and we’re grateful to you for making it happen. We see these next couple weeks as a great opportunity to celebrate all the fun we’ve had, and the changes to the San Diego food landscape that you created by dining here and continuing to encourage us to break new ground. From Ossabaw dinners and the early cask nights, to the craft beer pairings, local wines, extensive meat curing and smoking, Baja culinary adventures, and exploring the world of local farms — you sent us on these missions which we found inspirational, and delicious; and I think they changed, at least a little bit, how things are done in this town. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all that.

Over the next couple weeks, we hope to say thanks to as many of you as we can. We’ll be serving every night (except the 4th of July) so you can enjoy your Linkery favorites one (or more) last time. And Max is going to come into the Linkery kitchen on the 14th and 15 of July — our last two nights open at the Linkery — to cook up some special dishes for what we figure will be a really fun goodbye party. I’m looking forward to celebrating with you in person.

After we close, I intend to do a lot more writing on my personal site, including sharing my thoughts about our experiences at the Linkery over the years. I’ve moved that blog back to http://jayporter.com/dispatches. We’ll be putting together some kind of cookbook/retrospective. And I’m working to create a new restaurant which will continue exploring our love of local food, this time in the Bay Area. I’ll let you know as that happens. I really want to thank you again, for all your support and interest over the years. It’s a true gift, I can’t say enough how lucky I am.

Thank you for your years of love and support. I can’t wait until our paths cross again. (And come and see us before we close!)