Brewers And Vintners Welcome Bitcoin As Part Of Their Marketing Strategies

By Luis Lopez

Brewers and vintners welcome Bitcoin, aligning with their ethos of independence. Bitcoin’s global reach expands market horizons, fostering innovation in beverage marketing. Craft breweries and wineries lead the charge into a digital future, symbolizing modernity and consumer empowerment.

Understanding Bitcoin’s Appeal in Beverage Marketing

Bitcoin’s decentralized nature resonates with the ethos of many craft breweries and artisanal wineries, which prioritize independence and authenticity. By adopting Bitcoin as a part of their brand, establishments signal a peer-to-peer approach that empowers businesses and consumers.

In addition to its practical benefits, Bitcoin carries symbolic significance within beverage marketing. As a symbol of digital innovation and financial empowerment, Bitcoin imbues breweries and wineries with a sense of modernity and relevance in an increasingly digital world. 

Furthermore, Bitcoin’s global reach extends the reach of breweries and wineries beyond geographical boundaries, opening up new markets and opportunities for growth. With Bitcoin, breweries, and wineries can cater to an international audience of Bitcoiners.

In essence, Bitcoin’s appeal in beverage marketing lies in its practical advantages and symbolic value as a harbinger of innovation and autonomy. By integrating Bitcoin into their marketing strategies, breweries, and wineries can leverage the currency’s allure to enhance consumer engagement, expand their reach, and position themselves as leaders in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

Brewers And Vintners Welcome Bitcoin Marketing Strategies


In an interview on The Bitcoin Podcast, Ben Justman, a Natural Winemaker who trades his wine for Bitcoin, discusses his Bitcoin strategies to target those passionate about wine. Specializing in additive-free wines, Justman fosters enjoyment while creating its product.

Restaurant accepting bitcoin
Source: Ben Justman en LinkedIn: #bitcoin

Walker (Host) asked: “You will be like this case study in super niche industry marketing for something that has mass market appeal… Just about everybody likes wine, but you found this really incredible niche of Bitcoiners who also like wine, who are willing to be like this die-hard… You know… Promote your product, love your brand… But also not just because your product is great, but because of the way that you do it…

I assume that you’ve gotten quite a lot of reactions, especially once you started going to conferences… Just to see this proof of work, to see your process, and to see how you’re doing it… Can you talk about that a little bit and just like what some of those reactions you got from bitcoiners[?]” 

Ben Justman replies: “Another thing that specifically connects to that, is additionally tangential to Bitcoin…

 A lot of bitcoiners are very concerned about their long-term health… I have Bitcoin, so why don’t I set myself up to be physically able to enjoy that when I’m 60- 65… 

My wine specifically is made without any additives… It’s just the grapes… In Europe, and I’m generalizing… In France and Italy, a lot of wines are made this way… You just don’t feel bad after drinking it… And so it’s like a lot of people want to cut out alcohol because they view it as this horrible thing…  It’s a lot easier to find the correct balance with alcohol when it’s not destroying your health, even in the short run… so I really just talk about using wine and drinking wine to enhance experiences as opposed to escaping.”



In an exclusive interview with, two visionary brewers who have seamlessly integrated Bitcoin into their product offerings graciously, shared their profound insights and motivations behind incorporating Bitcoin into their marketing strategies.

One such innovator is Dr. Oswaldo Reyes Corona, known as Mr. BitcoinFlorida within the X community. As the founder of Bitcoinbeer crafted in Mexico, Dr. Corona provides valuable perspectives on the burgeoning intersection of Bitcoin and the brewery industry, offering intriguing glimpses into its potential future trajectory.

Bitcoin beer
Source: The best and only Bitcoin Beer (@bitcoinbeeroficial) • Instagram photos and videos

Lou (BitcoinNews) asked: What prompted your brewery to consider integrating Bitcoin into your marketing strategy?

Reyes Corona replied: The brewery itself was born out of the community motivation that Bitcoin provides. I am passionate about everything innovative, and this led me to create my favorite beer, my own flavor, the flavor of Bitcoin. So, it was not just an integration; it’s Bitcoin turned into beer.

Lou (BitcoinNews) asked: In what ways do you believe Bitcoin aligns with your brewery’s values and objectives?

Reyes Corona replied: The most significant one is freedom. We incorporate this into every drop of flavor in our beers, as you can enjoy them alone or with the perfect foods to be with family and friends. Therefore, the most notable attribute of Bitcoin is the freedom to decide how to accompany your Bitcoin Beer.

We bring autonomy to every note you can taste in the blend that I carefully crafted, as I was saying, it’s my beer, my favorite formula, freedom, flavor, and innovation.

Lou (BitcoinNews) asked: How do you envision the future of Bitcoin in the brewery industry, and what role do you see your brewery playing in shaping that future?

Reyes Corona replied: We are the cornerstone of this era. If all of us who use Bitcoin know that the future is ours, we are already working with artificial intelligence and we will eventually use only credits like in Star Wars. Bitcoin is a symbol of freedom and innovation, just like Bitcoinbeer. We are focused on Bitcoin as the center of the atom in the beer formula.

Orange-pilled Beer

Introducing: Orange-pilled beer is crafted in the Netherlands. This innovative brew, crafted by Mario in collaboration with Johannes Oppewal, also known as BitPopArt, is now available for purchase exclusively on Mario’s website.

Mario graciously shared his insights on why he decided to integrate Bitcoin into his marketing strategy for his products. Additionally, he offered invaluable advice for fellow merchants who may be hesitant to follow the Bitcoin strategy:

Lou (BitcoinNews) asked: What prompted your decision to incorporate Bitcoin into your marketing strategy for selling products?

Mario replied: I started a brand because of my passion for Bitcoin. Why not sell stuff and help the adoption of BTC?

Lou (BitcoinNews) asked: Were there any challenges or obstacles you encountered during the implementation process of Bitcoin in your marketing strategy?

Mario replied: I had some trouble opening up a bank account, because Bitcoin [was] in the name of my company, and I experienced red flags. But in the end, I managed. 🙂

Lou (BitcoinNews) asked: What advice would you offer to other businesses considering integrating Bitcoin into their marketing plans?

Mario replied: Definitely accept BTC/LN [Lightning] as a possibility for payment. Also, 10% of my customers are paying with LN…

And collaboration with others is really powerful. Did not expect that so many bitcoiners out there would like to work together. I’m really surprised by it. We are one.

Orange-pilled beer
Mario ₿ros ⚡ on X
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