The Best Frying Fat In The World

We’re proud to announce that we recently completed a big, two-prong project here. We 1) got canola oil (also known as rapeseed oil) completely out of our kitchen, and 2) switched all of our frying to grass-fed beef tallow.

This is exciting for a lot of reasons, but the biggest one is taste. Pastured beef tallow is the traditional frying fat for French fries, and pastured animal fat is also the traditional frying fat for fish (and, I’m sure, cheese curds, though I’m not from Wisconsin so I’m just guessing). If you taste our fries, our Friday fish fry, our cheese curds, you’ll instantly know that this is a superior way of cooking.

It’s also exciting because canola oil, in addition to not tasting very good, is a very unhealthy fat and its production is bad for the environment. Whereas grassfed beef is environmentally sustainable and is one of the healthiest fats you can eat.

For our house made mayonnaise and aioli, we are using rice bran oil instead canola, and you can really taste the difference. I hadn’t eaten mayonnaise in a while because I try not to eat canola oil whenever possible, and tasting it again was a great experience. Of course, the fact that we use pastured hen eggs makes a big difference too. (For our salad dressings, we continue to use only single-orchard Ensenada Olive Oil, as we have for about a year.)

I don’t know of any other restaurant in America that is using only grass-fed beef tallow for frying — As you might imagine, grass-fed beef fat is quite a bit more expensive than mass-produced, commodity, GM canola oil. Plus, unlike other animal fats, it’s not available by the tub, we have to render it ourselves. But knowing we’re serving the right thing — for both flavor and health — makes it worth it.

Come enjoy our fried dishes — you won’t regret it!