3 tips for Brewing Amazing Morning Coffee

We are many who bring power to our daily chores from the morning coffee. That’s why we’ve compiled three tips to help you get the perfect morning coffee at home in the kitchen:

1. Measure the water and coffee using a scale.

The correct ratio should be 60 g of coffee powder per liter of water. If you want to brew half a liter of coffee, take 30 grams of coffee powder to half a liter of water. When you get the dosage organized you will cook better coffee throughout the rest of your life.

2. Use bleached coffee filters.

Moisten the filter before using it, as it absorbs 15-20 grams of water. Unbleached coffee filters give off-flavor to the coffee, so you should use bleached filters.

3. Keep track of brewing time.

The extraction of the coffee itself, ie the water’s passage through the coffee filter, should take 4-6 minutes. If the water flows faster, the coffee will easily become too weak. If it runs slower, it will taste strong.

The water should flow through the sump at an even rate – then the extraction will be even and the taste good. You can facilitate extraction by stirring in the sump with a spoon when some of the water has already flowed through the filter.

By using freshwater and fresh coffee powder you can brew really good coffee at home. Remember to stick to the dosing and brewing time.

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