5 Easy Ways to Upgrade your Kitchen

Does your kitchen feel outdated? Has your mixer seen better days? A complete renovation of the kitchen is expensive, time consuming and cumbersome. Here are five ways to quickly update your kitchen, at a fraction of the cost of a complete renovation.

1. Repaint or repaint the kitchen doors

Submit your spray paint gaps or if you choose to paint yourself. Many kitchen cabinets are also repainted. Make sure to clean the surface of the kitchen cabinets with grease solvents and sand with sandpaper before you start painting. Remember that most materials and finishes should be primed before painting.

2. New handles and knobs

Today, there are as many different fittings to choose from. An easy way to renew the kitchen is to simply replace the old fittings with new ones. There are different dimensions on the holes and the distance between them, look for the new handles to be the same as the previous ones, so you do not have to make new holes.

3. Replace your mixer

Most mixers follow the same standard, making them easy to replace. A new mixer can be a functional eye-catcher in the kitchen. If you replace your old one with a modern hybrid mixer, the functionality of the kitchen is enhanced at the same time. By investing in a high-quality mixer you get a functional and decorative interior detail that lasts for a long time. Note: always use a professional installer when installing mixers.

4. Paint a foundation wall

A foundation wall gives the room a whole new feel. A well-used trick that interior designers use is to pick up a color from the room and paint the foundation wall two shades darker. It ties together the color palette without making it messy.

5. Renew your lighting

Good lighting in the kitchen is crucial, and today there are endless possibilities. If you do not want to hire an electrician, there are even solutions with battery-powered LED lights that spotlight over the kitchen counter. Another tip is to insert a hanging ceiling lamp which can also change the feel of the kitchen.

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