5 Steps to Making Delicious Coffee

Surely we all deserve to drink as good coffee as possible ?! Here are five tricks that can be good to know to get the full enjoyment of your fine coffee beans.

Coffee flavor is, of course, about the quality of the beans, the planting place and the handling of both growers, coffee refiners, and roasters. Once the coffee is in your hands, it is not wrong to handle it in the best way when it comes to storage, equipment, and brewing. If you think about this, you can enjoy really good coffee longer.

1. Take care of your freshly roasted beans

Coffee is best freshly roasted, and as soon as the coffee comes into contact with air, oxidation begins, while the aromas are gradually lost. Therefore, keep your ground coffee or your entire coffee beans protected from air, heat and strong sunlight. A cool pantry where your coffee letter or your airtight coffee can stand is perfect, but you can certainly find other cool places in the kitchen for your coffee. If you buy whole beans, the coffee stays longer if you just grind a little at a time – as much as you need for your brewing.

2. Keep your equipment clean

Coffee does not really require expensive brewing accessories. Rather, it is about what you use to brew your coffee is clean and fresh. Grinders, pans and espresso machines that are not clean will put an unwelcome character on your coffee. Also, be careful with detergents and detergents, so you can really rinse away all that before it’s time to brew.

3. If the water tastes good, the coffee should taste good

We generally have very good water quality in our taps, but there are some variations. The coffee will hide some flavors in the water, but not all. If you enjoy drinking your water directly from the tap, it’s also good for coffee.

Otherwise, some kind of softening may be needed. In some countries there is a taste of chlorine in the tap water, that taste will probably also be felt in the coffee – something to consider if you brew coffee on holiday.

4. Do not keep the coffee warm

Once you’ve brewed your coffee, drink it. If the coffee is on a hot plate, it will soon lose aromas and instead increase in bitterness and burnt flavors. The best thing is to pour the coffee into a clean thermos if you do not drink it immediately. You can also do as the professionals who taste coffee, let the coffee a little cooler so that the flavors feel clearer. Cold coffee is actually not that stupid.

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