7 Secret Tips and Tricks For Camping With Dogs

Camping is a great adventure for the whole family. It’s rich with opportunities to explore, have fun and enjoy some time in nature. What better companion to bring with you than your faithful canine? Dogs love camping too. Camping is one of the most popular types of trips for dogs because it gives them a chance to explore new areas, enjoy nature, and get fresh air.

But before you pack up your Ultra compact camping chair and head out into the wilderness, there are a few things you should know so that everyone enjoys themselves – including Fido. Here are some tips and tricks for camping with dogs.

1.Dog combs 

It’s important to ensure Fido is well-groomed. Shop dog combs to ensure his fur is tangle-free. Dog combs are ideal for keeping your puppy’s fur clean and tidy. 

And because they’re made specifically for dogs, you can be sure that these won’t irritate their sensitive skin or cause them any discomfort. It’s essential to check Fido over before the trip begins and make sure he doesn’t have any fleas – if so, it will need treatment first.

2.Easy To Clean Items

You want to make sure that your dog has an easy time when it comes to food, water, and going potty. That means you need items that are easy to clean up after. Dog dishes should be made of a material that won’t break easily; this includes both ceramic bowls (which can shatter) and metal ones that will rust over time if not properly cared for. Plastic dishware is also problematic because dogs may chew through the plastic.

Fido will appreciate a dog bed with sides; this way, he doesn’t have to worry about his blanket touching anything dirty on the ground when you’re out exploring nature all day long. 

3. Bring Enough Food and Water For Both of You 

It’s important to pack enough food and water for the whole family- human and canine alike. Water is an important thing to bring when camping with your dog. Humans need it for basic sustenance and dogs as well. However, they have a higher rate of metabolism than we do, so they require more water – roughly two times the amount that humans do.

Pack a collapsible bowl with some bottled water so you can refill it when necessary, and bring along dog food in sealed packages (or cans). You’ll also want to pack anything else he typically eats or drinks- from treats to chew toys.

4. Pack Some Extra Poop Bags

Pack some extra poop bags. You don’t want to create a mess in the area where you’re camping, and there’s no trash can nearby, plus it helps keep things cleaner for everyone else. Also, if you have a dog with diarrhea, it’s best to be prepared for any accidents and have these on hand. You can also consider bringing along an extra set of clothes if your pet is prone to this type of occurrence.

A doggie bag holder will be convenient because it keeps everything together neatly.

5. Consider Using Boots Instead of Shoes 

An essential for a dog’s camping adventure is a good pair of boots. From kickin’ it in the mud to wading through streams, dogs will get dirty on their adventures, so make sure they have protection from that dirt and grime. Dogs’ paw pads are sensitive, and their paws can get easily damaged on rough terrain. So they need protection, especially when going over things like rocks or sharp sticks found in the forest. 

It’s a good idea to bring a pair of boots for your furry friend if you’re unsure what they’ll find on the ground. Boots also stay more firmly attached than shoes, so there is less chance of getting lost while walking.

6. Bring a Leash

A leash is an essential item for camping with your dog. It’ll protect both you and them in case of wildlife encounters or other instances in which they might want to explore too far from home base. You can also attach a long line if there are certain areas that they’re not allowed to go off-leash, like on the campsite’s boundaries.

Keep your dog on the end of the leash at all times as well. They might get distracted by other animals and excitedly try to run off after them, so this is a necessary safety precaution that many camping newbies forget about.

7. Vaccination and Medication

Some vaccinations are not suitable for dogs, so talk to your vet before leaving about what sort of shots Fido needs. Heartworm medication should also be given a month or two beforehand and continued throughout the trip. You should also make sure your mutt is up to date with all their medication, including flea and tick prevention treatments before you go anywhere near the woods. 

If your dog has a history of seizures or heart problems, be especially careful about what meds he’s taking, as these conditions can get worse in cold weather. And talk to your vet about any medications for other family members that might interact negatively with those given to Fido.


Making camping enjoyable requires additional work on your part and an attitude adjustment by both humans and dogs alike. However, traveling in nature can provide many benefits- both physical and emotional- for all parties involved. It’s just up to us whether we want that experience filled with conflict or one full of joy.

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