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9 Great Reasons Why Your Business Website Doesn’t Need SEO Outlined by Bamsh Digital Marketing

Reasons why your business website doesn’t need SEOWhat? An SEO agency suggesting there may be some businesses or websites that would not benefit from being optimised? Have turkeys started to vote on Christmas? Any good SEO company will be happy to state if their services would not deliver the goals of a company. A good SEO company will want to discuss the return on investment (ROI) of their services. A great SEO company will be looking for a long-term partnership that benefits your bottom line. Buy website traffic and start growing your online presence with minimal effort.

Here are 9 reasons why your business website doesn’t need SEO.

1. Your Business Provides a Service or Products That Don’t Get Searched

If your business is first to market with a product or service you may well have created a solution for a problem that potential customers do not realise they have. If people are not aware of the problem, and obviously not aware there is a solution, there simply will not be any searches in Google for your offering.

An example of this is a business we were in discussions with. They provide a service where they change your energy supplier (gas and electric) for you, everytime a cheaper rate is available – all automatically. Most homeowners consider it too troublesome or complicated to calculate the cheapest rate available and then apply to switch to a new supplier.Whilst many people would be aware that they should change their energy suppliers, they would not be aware that a service is available to do so for them. So research into keywords such as “automatic cheap energy” or “automatically switch my energy supplier” would have zero searches a month. Ironically, a few weeks after our discussions with the company, the automated energy switching or “flipping” market exploded, with a number of large comparison websites offering the service. If the company we were talking with had utilised our services they would have had a jump on the industry!

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO was a very little known term when we started offering it as a service back in 2012. If a company website was not attracting business, they assumed they needed a new website and not necessarily that it simply needed optimising. Now, amongst savvy business owners, SEO is a well known and trusted service to get leads for a business.

2. Your Business Need Leads Today

Yes, you understand that SEO can improve your website, deliver leads and as a long-term strategy delivers the best return on investment. However, your business needs enquiries and leads today.

If your business demands highly targeted leads and enquiries, the fastest way to attract them is either with Google Ads (Pay-Per-Click or PPC) or Facebook advertising, which can start delivering enquiries within a few hours.

That said, many new businesses to our agency, utilise PPC whilst waiting for the SEO to have a meaningful positive impact.

3. No Capacity Within Your Business

Good SEO services will drive potential customers and leads to your business. What good are leads though if you cannot fulfil the orders in a timely manner?

When discussing our services with a potential client it is the first question we ask – “how many more sales can you deliver in a reasonable timeframe”.

We are often surprised by some business owners that want to use our services to rank above competitors. They couldn’t handle the extra enquiries. This is “vanity SEO” not a long-term business strategy. “Rankings are for vanity, sales leads are for sanity”.

4. Website Built on a Platform that is NOT SEO friendly

Websites are usually built on platforms or “Content Management System” (CMS). An example of such platforms is WordPress, Wix or Squarespace. Most, but not all, platforms allow you to improve the optimisation of a website. Some platforms work on “themes”, some of which allow optimisation and some that do not. WordPress has optimisation built into the core of the system and regardless of the theme allows for SEO. Squarespace themes dictate the whole CMS system, so some themes allow SEO and some do not.

If your website is a “coded” website, meaning it was built using “code” and not a CMS system, SEO is possible but much more time-consuming (read into that “costly”) and often it is more cost-effective to have the website rebuilt on a platform and then implement SEO.

5. Your Business, Services or Products Change Frequently and Fast

If your products are constantly changing then optimising the website can be ineffective. For example, Ticketmaster sells concert tickets. The “big groups” and popular bands often sell all the tickets for their shows within minutes. Optimising the page that sells those tickets would be pointless. SEO could be applied to the whole website to get traffic for more generic terms such as “buy concert tickets” though.

6. Your Business is the Product

If your business sells a product that is exclusive to you, it is likely that a search for that product will return your website in the results without any SEO. An example could be “Apple”. Although other stores sell Apple products, because of the relevancy of their website to any related search, a person searching to buy an Apple product is more than likely going to get the Apple website at the top of their search results.

7. Limited Budget

As much as you want more leads for your business, you simply do not have the budget. It is the “chicken or the egg” dilemma of digital marketing. Although SEO costs can be very reasonable and deliver a great return on investment in terms of revenue and profit – you just don’t have the working capital.

The solution to this conundrum is “lead generation”. Lead generation is where the SEO service pays all the costs of getting leads to your business and you pay for each lead. This way you get sales and revenue without having to commit to an ongoing service. Once you have established the volume of leads and the revenue you can enjoy (and built up some working capital) – you can switch to a monthly subscription or SEO service.

8. You Have Time on Your Hands

Your business is booming and you have systems in place where it (almost) runs itself. You have plenty of time, and a little expertise, to be able to create fresh content such as 2 or 3 articles a month, a video and a press release.

We find the reality is that most business owners know their website needs work, yet they simply do not have the time. Outsourcing to an SEO agency allows them to carry on with the day job and what they are best at.

9. Your Business Does Not Have Any Competition

This is actually more common than you would expect. If you have a franchise agreement and are the only supplier in the area or you are an independent business without a competitor in the local area you may be returned in the search results without any optimisation of your website. As long as Google can make sense of your products and where you are located.

Say you are the only “Thai restaurant” in a small city or town. It is likely that a search for a Thai restaurant in X” will bring your website back at the top of the search results.

For most businesses, there is a competitor either locally or a national competitor trying to appear as locally based.

Of course, a savvy business owner of a Thai restaurant would want to compete and beat all the other restaurants in the city or town, not just those customers searching for Thai food.

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