Advertising through Promotional Bodywarmers, an overview

Bodywarmers are primarily winter clothing apparels that have been widely used by people from the different runs of life all access the Globe. In the modern day, bodywarmers are used as a piece of outer clothing that keeps you warm and also presents a stylish look overall, they are preferably worn over some layer of apparel, be it a t-shirt or a sweatshirt. Bodywarmers might be made up of various kinds of materials depending upon the primary usage.

The ones meant for fashion purposes will be mostly made up of unreal fur, cloth or knitted wool. Whereas, the ones meant for sporting and adventurous activities are often windproof and lightweight and are made up of fabric or fleece. Softshell bodywarmers are mostly used in the field of sports due to their lightweight and high durability.

Various kinds of Bodywarmers

As mentioned earlier, there can be a few variants of bodywarmers, each coming with its own set of utilities. Depending upon its primary purpose of use and the material and style used to make it, bodywarmers can be broadly divided into these categories.


  •  Quilted Bodywarmers


The term “Quilted Bodywarmers” typically refers to bodywarmers with patchwork that is visible from the outside and contains insulation in compartments that are stitched apart. Because of the air trapped inbetween the stitches, these are expected to keep you incredibly warm even during the coldest days. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors in the cold, Quilted Bodywarmers are the best option.


  • Fleece or Wool Bodywarmers


Fleece Bodywarmers, as you might expect, are made up of woolen material and are typically lighter and fitted more closely. This makes a fleece bodywarmer fit for dual purpose usage, where it can be worn as an outer garment and also an in between layer between a jacket and a coat. Fleece bodywarmers often come with reversible zippers transforming them to mid layer jackets.


  • Technical Bodywarmers


These are those bodywarmers which are made for specific purposes, mainly for outdoor sporting and adventurous activities. Technical Bodywarmers are often used by cyclists, where it is made to be lightweight and wind resistant, whereas the ones used by Shooters are made up of leather and have a rugged texture.

Usage of Bodywarmers as promotional gifts

Bodywarmers could be thought of as useful corporate promotional products that will support a company’s marketing efforts. There are several alternatives available for printing commercial messaging, logos, and artwork on a bodywarmer which makes it very much suited as a promotional gift. Hence, bodywarmers are frequently used in marketing initiatives as inexpensive yet powerful promotional presents. They are typically warmly welcomed and retained by the general public, especially if they are given out as presents or included with purchases.

The average retention period of a bodywarmer is anticipated to be quite long, which is an added advantage as a promotional gift. Bodywarmers are utilised and preserved for a longer period of time when we compare the average life of any other promotional apparel. By spreading the company’s message or emblem to the public over a longer period of time, this aids in the marketing of a business. Due to the fact that businesses frequently invest in such sustainable techniques, Bodywarmers are a very well-liked and favoured promotional item.

Remember these while choosing your promotional bodywarmer


  • Endurance and Usefulness


These two factors might be regarded as the two most important considerations when selecting a promotional bodywarmer. Bodywarmers with more usefulness will be utilised more frequently and will be displayed in front of the public more often. On the other hand, a durable bodywarmer is anticipated to have a longer retaining time and therefore will advertise the artistry or the company trademark to the people over a longer period of time. As a result, it is anticipated that consumers or the intended audience would notice the corporate branding or logo much more frequently, which would help the company achieve its objective much more successfully.


  • Colour of the commodity


Colour as known to all, is an immensely important factor to be kept in mind while choosing your promotional bodywarmer since it can help or hurt your advertising campaigns. It is often advised to pick the shades that are frequently chosen and have a name for being well gathered to the common masses. This point must be noted since it is the aim of every organisation to accomplish your marketing or advertising goals. Since bodywarmers are extensively used and frequently purchased by the general population, neutral colours like various shades of Grey, Black, or White are considered to be the most popular ones. Against these muted colours, your brand logo, advertising message, or promotional artwork will stand out well. Also, these colours are fashionable and have a reputation of being well perceived by the masses through a prolonged period of time, hence choosing one of these shades is expected to fulfill your marketing goals a lot more efficiently.


  • Weightage of the commodity


Before selecting a bodywarmer as a marketing gift, it is unquestionably necessary to consider its weight or bulk. Bodywarmers can be found in a wide range of weights, from 150gm to 400gm.  The materials used to make a  bodywarmer is a major contributor to its overall weight. Trail runners and adventure sports enthusiasts favour lighter versions, however softshell jackets with weights between 200 and 350gms seem to be the most popular among the general public, regardless of the use. Therefore, it is better to find a promotional softshell whose weight falls within the mentioned range.


  • Some other elements


Other considerations include considering the popular designs or trends of the current times, knowing the demographics of the intended audience, and, of course, the cost of each item being bought. Everyone likes to look fashionable and cool, so picking a promotional bodywarmer with a recognized style is something to go for. The fashion component of bodywarmers thereby plays a significant role in the choice of promotional bodywarmers.

Placing the promotional images on a bodywarmer

The most widely used techniques to get the display graphics on your promotional bodywarmer are Printing and Embroidery. Generally speaking, embroidery should be preferred over printing in order to extend the life of the advertising message over a bodywarmer. Since bodywarmers are intended to be washed and reused, and in these circumstances, needlework holds well to maintain the message over a longer span of time. But since they are a bit more expensive,  printing is definitely a reasonable alternative, and would probably fit within the specified budget along with maintaining the brand advertisement for quite a decent period of time.


Just like t-shirts and other clothing, bodywarmers are unquestionably among the most effective advertising gifts. The excellent durability of bodywarmers is another benefit. It guarantees that it will be worn for a longer duration of time, each time bringing the business before the public and achieving the organisation’s desired marketing purpose

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