Delicious Soup Recipe Perfect If You are Freezing

Soup is simple, fast, cheap and so good! Throwing a soup together is quick and is also a cheap alternative, you can use whatever you have at home in the fridge. Serve with good bread and dinner is ready!

4 tips to succeed with the soup:

1. Create texture using topping: Croutons, pumpkin seeds, nuts or why not crispy bacon?

2. Give the soup a little color or something extra with the help of: fresh herbs, freshly ground pepper, grated parmesan, balsamic vinegar or lemon juice.

3. For soups with strong flavors such as chili, it is good to serve one click of yogurt, crème fraiche or pesto.

4. Make sure to simmer the soup and do not cook too long as the meat or vegetables become dry.

Also remember that soup is a perfect for the outing – pour into a thermos so the soup stays warm.


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