Different Ways to Cook Your Food in the Open

If you’re a true food lover and love spending your time in the open, you must know how to prepare meals by using only a handful of ingredients and utensils. Many campers rely on canned goods and don’t waste time preparing food, not because they don’t feel like it, but because they don’t know how to do that properly and get delicious results. Whether you want to give it everything you’ve got and hunt down your meal before cooking it, or bring the ingredients with you, there are a few things you’ll need to master before preparing some of the most amazing meals out in the open.


This is probably the easiest way to cook and the hardest thing here is to learn how to start a fire and maintain the right temperature. If you prepare it in advance, you can bring a fire starter kit that will make this easier and all you’ll have to do is to make sure nobody gets hurt. You can make delicious stews, one-pot meals, or have everyone prepare their meal on a stick by holding it above the fire. Stews are great because you can get everything done quickly and leave it while you rest or enjoy different outdoor activities with your friends or family members. Just chop all the ingredients, let them cook while you enjoy your surroundings, and that’s it!.

Roasting on a stick

This method has been in use for thousands of years and it’s a simple way to prepare tons of food for a lot of people. You can use a spit roaster which will allow you to cook the meat evenly and slowly, or you can master an old technique and make a roaster using some wood and a few sticks. The only tricky thing here is maintaining the right amount of fire, so you’ll need to watch out not to burn out the meat. Make sure to moist it if you want to have a delicious meal in the end and try to start cooking on time because this type of cooking sometimes requires hours and hours.


This is probably one of the most common ways of cooking in nature and many outdoor enthusiasts love this idea because it’s so easy. In addition to that, you can always prepare food for different types of people, whether they’re vegan, vegetarian, meat lovers, or have any other food preference. Many campers love barbecue because you don’t have to possess great cooking skills in order to be a master of the barbecue. Also, this type of cooking doesn’t require a lot of cookware so you won’t have to bring a lot of things with you. A good switch blade knife, for instance, is crucial for cutting the meat and vegetables and preparing everything you’ll need for cooking.

Wrapped cooking

If you want to get everything ready in advance and show off your cooking skills in the open, getting your meal wrapped in big leaves can do the trick. This is the easiest way to prepare a whole meal including vegetables because you can wrap meat, veggies, and spices all into one big leaf and leave it on hot coal to cook slowly. One of the most common meals prepared this way is fish because it’s cooked quickly and it’s the meal lots of campers love preparing in nature. You can always use an exotic combination to impress everyone at the improvised table – a mixture of sweet and sour, for example – because this technique is perfect for interesting and unusual combinations.

Cooking on a stone

This is for all those enthusiasts who’d like to try out something new and a bit unusual because this old technique is almost forgotten and not many campers are ready to try it out. But, there’s nothing complicated about it and you just need to pay attention to a few details. You’ll need a big stone with a flat surface for holding your meat so that it doesn’t end up on fire. Place the stone in the middle of your improvised fire pit to make it steaming hot and so that it holds that temperature long enough for you to cook your meat. Also, make sure the meat isn’t too thick because it might end up being undercooked, which can be a huge problem when you’re away from home.

Just because you’re out in the open doesn’t mean you need to eat canned food or rely on meals you’ve prepared at home. On the contrary, you can always prepare a nice meal and still have a great time in the middle of nowhere. Many avid chefs see this as a challenge, but after a few times in the woods, you’ll see how these are the best ways to prepare food. Don’t be afraid to try out something new and impress every single one of your camping companions.

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