Nine tips for Eco-Friendly Cooking

It doesn’t have to be complicated to cook fantastic food and at the same time protect the environment. Follow these nine simple tips for eco-friendly cooking that can help you save money.

1. Choose the right pour

With an induction hob, you save up to 25% energy compared to a glass-ceramic hob. If you replace a stove with cast iron plates, the savings will be up to 50%.

2. Resize

Always use a saucepan that has at least the same bottom as the zone/plate – otherwise, the heat will leak to the side of the saucepan.

3. Use the hot air

When cooking in a hot air oven – place the food from the beginning in the cold oven and use all energy.

4. Measure the temperature

Use a cooking thermometer so you do not cook the food for too long.

5. Use the lid

Always use a lid on the pan when cooking.

6. Do not forget about the heat

Take advantage of the after-heat – switch off the plate just before the food is ready.

7. Microwave properly

Use the microwave when heating food – but do not thaw in it.

8. Lower the temperature

When using the hot air function, the temperature should be lowered by about 10% against a traditional oven.

9. Double effect

With hot air oven you can have two plates in the oven at the same time. You get ready faster and thus save energy.

10.Buy local

Use locally-produced ingredients for your dishes. There is no need to buy ingredients which have been shipped from the other side of the globe if you have them locally produced in your own country.

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