Five Tips for Better Coffee

A good coffee sets the agenda for the day. Getting really good coffee at home is not the easiest, but with the help of a few simple tips, the taste of your coffee can be much better.

1. Keep your coffee dark and cool

Be sure to store your coffee in a dark and cool place. The coffee loses flavor if exposed to too much light and heat. The pantry is usually always a good storage place for your coffee. Keep the coffee in the packaging if it is sealable, otherwise, you can store the coffee in a glass jar with a lid that has an insulating rubber ring.

2. Clean your coffee maker regularly

Another key to really good coffee is to clean the coffee maker regularly, preferably more than once a month. A lot of coffee residues and lime deposits accumulate in the brewing which helps your coffee taste worse. You may want to descale your coffee machine a couple of times a year with the descaler. It extends your life of the coffee maker and effectively removes lime coatings.

4. Use a good filter

Coffee becomes better when you use a high-quality filter. Use a white filter when brewing your coffee. Brown, unbleached filters release particles that can lead to a cardboard-like aftertaste.

5. Invest in the right coffee maker

Do yourself a favor and invest in a good coffee maker where the flavors are best released. Therefore, to get the maximum out of your coffee maker and the flavors of the coffee, the temperature of your coffee maker should be just below the boiling point. A good guideline to follow is usually between 92-96 ° C. If the temperature rises above 96 ° C, the coffee may have a slight or burnt flavor.

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