How A Liquid Handling Robot Can Offer Lab Automation

Many laboratories struggle with their daily pipetting functions. Each lab performs several daily tests to find solutions to many aspects that require industrial attention. Whether a chemical lab, a pharmaceutical lab, or any other lab; pipetting functions are an integral part of each lab’s regular operations.

The good news is that you can now automate the liquid handling process in your lab and make it extremely efficient. Go for flowbotTM ONE offered by Flow Robotics and enjoy the many benefits offered by this liquid handling robot.

Let us discuss some of the many benefits of a liquid handling robot.

High Precision Level

As you deploy a liquid handling robot in your laboratory, you can achieve higher precision in the pipetting task. Its intuitive user interface makes its usage even easier for the lab technicians and helps you achieve liquid handling automation quickly.

Free-Up time For Lab Technicians

As you deploy a liquid handling robot in your lab, you automatically free up time and space for your manpower. You can best utilise their time in other value-added tasks or in more research work for a higher level of scientific achievements. 

Automate Workflow in Minutes

The flowbotTM ONE offered by flow robotics is a useful robot that you can utilise in your scientific lab to automate its liquid handling method. The best part is that even if there are some procedure changes in the lab, you do not need to make any complicated programming modifications in it, as its intuitive user interface will allow making the modification in minutes.


If you want to automate the operational workflow in your science lab, you must opt for flowbotTM ONE, the latest and the most efficient liquid handling robot available in the market. Get in touch with flow robotics if you need a demo of its functionality and accordingly buy one for your lab. 

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