How to Brew Delicious Coffee

Here’s how to fix up with the world’s best coffee maker

Follow these tips as you brew and the coffee will be better!

Coffee always tastes good in a pure coffee maker

For a year, hundreds of liters of water flow through kilos of ground coffee beans into your brewers if you use it regularly. This creates a coating that can give the coffee a taste. Therefore, it is important that you clean your coffeemaker regularly.

When the coffee is brewed with fresh and cold water it tastes even better

One cup of coffee consists of about 98-99% of water. That’s why you should always brew your coffee with fresh, cold water. Let the tap run for a few seconds before refilling the water tank. Then you get water that contains a lot of oxygen which releases the flavor and aroma of the ground coffee. Water that has been standing for a long time is low in oxygen, which causes the coffee to lose some of its aroma during brewing.

Do you use the coffee pot when you add water to the brewer? Then make sure it is completely clean from leftovers of old coffee.

Use coffee with the right degree of grinding and the coffee will be better

Always choose the bridge paint! Some use ground coffee or press ground coffee in the coffee maker, but that is not recommended. Cook coffee and coffee intended for press brewers are coarsely ground which allows the water to flow through the filter too quickly. The taste is, therefore, less rich than if you use brewed coffee.

Do you prefer to buy whole beans and grind yourself? If so, be sure to set the correct grinding rate on the coffee grinder, or choose a grinder that is preset for brew coffee. A tip if you are going to grind your coffee yourself. Weigh the beans before grinding them. For example, 75 g to full jug 1.25L.

Dose right so the coffee tastes better

Strong or weak or in between. How strong the coffee should be is, of course, dependent on your taste and preference, but about 75 grams of coffee medium roasted coffee for a full jug (1.25l, 10 cups) gives the taste and strength that most people prefer. There are plenty of coffee blends to choose from, from dark and strong to round and aromatic. But regardless of which is your favorite type, you should be careful about dosing when brewing. Plastic coffee sizes are available in most grocery stores.

With the right filter, the coffee tastes better

Did you know that the wrong coffee filter can ruin the taste? Avoid brown filters, they often give the coffee a taste. Some perceive the taste as bitter, others feel that the coffee has a woody taste. Instead, use white oxygen bleached paper filters, they are environmentally friendly and do not emit any flavor during brewing.

The brew temperature should be 92-96 degrees

A good coffeemaker maintains a constant brew temperature of 92-96 degrees, which gives the best coffee. If the temperature is higher, the taste becomes bitter and bitter, the lower the flavors are not fully released and the coffee becomes tasteless. Brewing time is also important.

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