How to Increase Blood Flow To The Brain

So you were in the middle of a conversation, and you forgot what to say next, or you always forget your things in public places. This can be an indication of your poor brain health. It is true that as you age your mental ability declines, but the case can be reversed. Age will be just a number for your brain when you decide to take good care of it. Every organ in the body needs blood because it is the source of oxygen supply. A low amount of oxygen to the brain can knock the doors of severe health issues. 

Why Is Blood Flow To The Brain Important?

Only 2% of the body weight is composed of brain weight, and it receives more than 15% of the total blood supply. Blood is a source of nutrients, amino acids, glucose, and oxygens required by the brain to function at its best. It is also a means to remove toxins such as carbon dioxide and other wastes. The optimal temperature and pH required for the brain to function is maintained with a constant blood supply. When the blood flow through the brain faces obstruction, it can cause brain cell deaths. This can put you at risk of mental health diseases like dementia, which can turn serious if not taken care of. Finding on this paper, optimizing brain chemistry is important to protect your brain from damage. 

Signs Of Poor Blood Flow To The Brain

The common symptoms when blood flow to the brain is hindered includes:

  • Decreased focus and concentration.
  • Memory loss.
  • Mental drain.
  • Dizziness.
  • Headaches.
  • Brain fog.

Severe symptoms can include:

  • Impaired vision.
  • Stammering.
  • Numbness.
  • Muscle weakness.

The Reason For The Problem

The hidden reason behind poor blood circulation to the brain are:


A sedentary lifestyle can give your health a critical jerk. It is necessary to be active and avoid being lazy all the time. People who have a desk job should also remain active because inactivity can negatively impact their overall health. Physical activity is a must as it helps in promoting blood circulation throughout the body and brain. 


If you are an addict, caffeine can affect your brain. Some people depend on caffeine and take it in more than required amounts. Caffeine can constrict the blood vessels, and therefore its usage should be limited. 


Smoking is related to rapid cognitive decline. Nicotine in cigarettes Interferes with thinking abilities, thoughts, and decisions. The effects of cognitive decline are worst in elderly people smoking cigarettes. 


Stress can affect your mental performance. Stress is a response that triggers the release of stress hormones. These hormones increase the heartbeat that hinders the blood flow to the brain.

How To Increase The Blood Flow 

You can rewire your brain and increase the blood flow. Here are some of the ways to try:


Exercising has phenomenal benefits for your brain and health. To increase the blood flow to your brain you should make exercising a habit. It increases blood flow through the body, increasing blood circulation to the brain. Get involved in swimming, yoga, cycling, and walking to enhance blood circulation. 

Eat Foods Rich In Nitrate

Nitric oxide formed inside the inner muscles of blood vessels helps in the relaxation of those muscles. Relaxation of these muscles increases the blood circulation in the body. It is stated to include foods rich in nitrate like beets and blueberries for brain health. The nitrate in these foods is converted to nitric oxide which is essential for brain functioning. 

Listen To Music

Music helps reduce stress and increase brain activity. People who listen to music tend to have a better mood and brain activity. Another benefit of listening to music is that it improves blood circulation to the brain. No matter what kind of music you listen to, a type of sound that makes you happy makes your brain happier. 


Meditation has shown outstanding benefits for the brain. It helps your mind come out of stress, giving you better clarity of thoughts. Mediation can be your way of improving brain health by managing stress and improving blood flow to the brain. 


Grabbing a sufficient amount of sunlight can help your brain function properly. Exposing yourself to the light aids in better blood circulation to the brain.

Eat Healthily

Eat healthy so your brain is also healthy. Foods to include in your diet for a healthy brain include fish, beets, ginger, poultry meat, turmeric, garlic, chocolate, etc. 

The Bottom Line

A constant supply of blood is vital for different organs in the body to function. If the blood flow is hindered, it can affect the functioning of the organs including the brain. When that happens, you may feel foggy in the head, with frequent headaches and other issues. Blood flow to the brain cells is crucial as mentioned on for it to function properly. It is necessary to make sure that your brain receives optimal blood supply to protect it from damage. 

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