How to Keep Fit During a Pandemic? 6 Best Fat Burners

While many of your regular routines remain constrained during the pandemic, there can be no other better time to keep fit and healthy than now. The current challenges that range from limited fitness facilities, social distancing, and self-quarantining mean your home is the best place to keep fit from.  But even so, quarantining at home for prolonged periods during the pandemic defies the whole meaning of keeping fit and poses a significant risk to your physical health.

That’s why on some level, you not only want to exercise just to keep fit but also cut on the excess body calories. You should note that your body still needs these calories to keep fit and enable you to carry around with activities such as playing your best online slots. However, the challenge is learning to keep fit while getting rid of the extra body calories. Here are the six best fat burners and ways to keep fit at home during the pandemic. 

  • Walking and Taking Daily Runs.

As simple as it may sound, walking and running are some of the best exercises that will keep you fit and help burn on the extra fat. Understandably, you could be thinking, ‘how will normal running and walking help to keep myself fit while at the same time burn my body fat?’ The truth is, these two exercises keep all parts of your body in a moving state. This means they are best suited to target fat that could be stuffed all over your body. Therefore, they help you cut on belly fat and burn fat from other body parts. Besides, they are also fun ways to keep fit as the only equipment required is running shoes.

 To ensure the two exercises keep you even fitter, you can integrate them into your interval training routine. With these two exercises, speed directly affects the number of calories you’ll burn. That’s why running burns more fat and helps you keep fit compared to walking.

  • Burpees


You wouldn’t want to craft a schedule for your cardio exercises without incorporating burpees. These exercises are the ideal trainers to keep fit as they put to task every part of your body, including keeping your heart rate at its highest level. It’s believed burpees can help you burn more body fat than any other strength-training activity if utilized well. So if you want to burn some extra fat and keep fit at home during the pandemic, you need to consider them as ideal workouts.

Burpees involve a full-body exercise which is most common in strength training.  The exercises include a squat thrust, or push-ups accompanied by timely breaks. The short bursts of intense workout followed by a short break qualify burpees as a HIIT workout. That makes it more effective in burning body fat, especially around the abdomen and stomach area. Burpee exercises offer a simple way on how to keep fit in lockdown. All you have to do is drop on the house floor, push back up, and jump for one rep. If you stick to the basics and utilize the exercises without overdoing it, burpees will keep you make your body burn fat faster. 

  • Cycling

Besides offering a golden chance to experience outdoor serenity, cycling could be another ideal activity to keep fit in this pandemic lockdown. However, you can also utilize cycling as a fat-burning workout at home. The cycling experience alone is a fun activity, and it keeps you fit without stressing your joints like many strength training home workouts.

Depending on your bicycling speed and intensity, you can averagely burn more than 300 calories in less than one hour. The good thing with cycling is that you can use one of your regular bikes and cycle at any place where you enjoy the experience. Expect to lose more fat and keep fit when you cycle at least once a day for 30 minutes. Cycling will also strengthen your abdominal muscles to ensure you keep the body fit even after burning all fat. Other benefits of cycling include:

  • Enhanced stabilization in the abdomen helps keep you fit.
  • Ensuring more muscle activity in the abdomen hence one of the best body Ab exercises.

  • Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are simple workouts that you can utilize to keep fit from any place in your home. They are typical old-school workouts that get your blood pumping and your arms involved in a cardio routine. Jumping jacks also allows you to breathe deeply since your body experiences a sudden high heartbeat.  This supplies more oxygen to your bloodstream, allowing your body fat to burn at a rapid rate.

You can also utilize jumping jacks as part of your full-body workout routine. Performing a couple of jumping jacks would only require you to dedicate at least ten minutes of vigorous effort.  Being a HIIT workout, jumping jacks will help you burn your belly fat and fat around your body fast. The exercise also provides a boost to your body’s metabolic rate, improves muscle endurance, and helps keep your body fit. 

  • Swimming

You may not have many opportunities to engage in swimming activities during this pandemic. This is because swimming pools are one of the shared facilities that COVID-19 health protocols advise against using. But if you have a swimming pool at home, you have every opportunity to turn it into a fitness facility. Swimming not only leads to a significant reduction in body fat but also helps keep your body fit by improving its flexibility.

Swimming is a highly effective form of exercise for weight loss, and it’s known to burn fat and help you get stronger, keep fit, and stay healthier than ever. It’s believed regular and vigorous swimming can burn more than 600 calories within one hour, regardless of your preferred swimming style. While you can solely rely on it to cut the extra fat, swimming can also complement other fat-burning workouts like running.

  • Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are primarily associated with body-mind fitness. However, they can also help keep you keep fit and burn on that excess fat. Ideally, these two exercises are known to bring a balance to your body and mind. But their ability to help ease stress levels and ensure mental stability is also one way to keep fit, especially during the pandemic.

Yoga and Pilates provide another option on how to keep fit at home by building your core body strength, improving body alignment, and increasing your flexibility. Even though Yoga and Pilates don’t burn as many calories as the other exercises on this list, spending up to 5 hours per week performing these workouts will gradually help you burn fat and keep your body fit.

Final Thought

Body workouts are an excellent way to keep fit and burn extra fat fast at home during the pandemic. We’ve highlighted above some of the most manageable workouts you can perform to keep fit and healthy in the comfort of your home. The fat loss journey will be even easier if you stick to one workout for the long term. 

What are some of the home workouts that have helped you keep fit and shed extra fat during this pandemic? Let us know in the comments below. 

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