How to Make Pulled Pork

Memories from a rodeo one full moon night in the northwest US. Two guys in cowboy hat poured “pulled pork” on bread and sold for a dollar. The name of the right is intended to “tear apart” the meat with a fork when it is ready because it is so tender. The ultimate bidding right. Five hours in the oven gives you plenty of time to prepare for the party.

8-10 Servings.

You need

Pulled pork
2 kg pork loin, with bone
2 tablespoons fling salt
1 tsp black pepper, freshly ground
1 tablespoon smoked paprika powder
2 yellow onions
1 garlic
500 g smoky barbeque sauce
2 dl strong meat broth

For serving

portion bread (or soft tortilla bread)
grilled corn

Do this

Set the oven to 125 degrees.
Rinse and dry the meat.
Mix the dry ingredients and rub the meat with it.
Pour some oil into a large oven-safe pot of iron.
Put in the meat.
Peel and split the onion and peel the garlic cloves and place around.
Pour on barbeque sauce and broth over the meat.
Put the lid on and leave the meat in the bottom of the oven for 5 hours.
When it’s done, just pull a fork into the meat so it falls apart.
Share the breads and let each one fill their bread with meat and serve with the accessories.
Sort your onion shells for recycling and enjoy your pulled pork!

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