How to Find Inspiration for your Cooking

Do you feel the desire to cook good and exciting food, but the inspiration pushes once you are in the kitchen? Then you can be calm because there is a lot of inspiration to come from a lot of different places. You just have to find the way that suits you best, and that gives you the most energy to put your teeth into your cooking (literally!).

How to find inspiration for your cooking

One type of inspiration that has been available for a long time, for example, is cookbooks, and they are not to be despised, though many may feel that they are unnecessary today. Indeed, a cookbook collects beautiful pictures and recipes, usually according to a certain theme, such as grilled food, dessert recipes or vegetarian food, and you get everything packaged in a fairly large mouthful that you can properly digest before entering the kitchen. Furthermore, if you can find a cookbook written by a chef or a person you look up to, it may make it feel extra motivated to try one of their recipes.

To some extent, however, cookbooks are outdated, as you can get all that stuff (great pictures, recipes, and personal touch) from, for example, food blogs or recipe pages on the internet where users themselves can post their recipes, such as The only downside to this (compared to a cookbook) may be that there are so many different recipes, pages and blogs to choose from that it can feel overwhelming – you don’t get the same thematic breakdown as in a cookbook.

A tip if you still want to start at some end with finding inspiration on the internet is to look at which food blogs are at the top of the blog lists, and see what they have posted. Recipe sites also usually have some form of rating system so that you can see which recipes are ranked highest.

Another way to get inspiration in just large doses is otherwise to watch a cooking program on television. There is a large selection to choose from today, which means you can get everything from rustic home cooking to French, sugary pastries, depending on what you are feeling.

It brings us in the next way to get inspiration, namely to travel. Many cooking programs on television are based on the fact that a chef or a celebrity travels around Italy, France, Asia or any other part of the world and experiences the local food, as well as cooking their own dishes inspired by it in each program.

There is also a reason why this is the case, because travel is unbeatable when it comes to giving us new impressions and tastes that trigger our inspiration in the kitchen. Maybe you get to try a dish you have never eaten before, see ingredients you never thought could be used in cooking or feel about spice combinations that are completely unknown in your country’s cuisine? In other words, if you have the opportunity, there is nothing to wait for – just to go out into the world and get all the inspiration you can!

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