The Expert Tips: How to Succeed with your Meat

Which meat is the easiest to succeed, what steak should you have and how do you cook it best?

Which meat is the perfect meat for the new year and how do I cook it best?

– Entrecôte! The pan should be hot and the meat should smoke a little when you throw it on the pan. Fry or grill hard on both sides and wait for an inside temperature of 48 degrees. Remove the meat from the pan and let rest for 10 minutes before serving.

 Which meat should I choose if I want to cook a New Year’s dinner at a lower price?

– Flank steak is the best option. It costs half as much as entrecote, cooked in the same way and is very good.

What is the most common mistake we make when cooking meat?

– Either you overcook the meat to make it dry or the opposite – you have too low heat and allow the meat to cook rather than heat up significantly.

Which Meat is the easiest to succeed as well as fail with?

– Fillet pieces such as beef fillet are the most difficult to succeed. If you over fry with 1 degree, it becomes almost dry and a little gray. The lightest meat is the shoulder of the Spanish Iberica pig. You can forget that piece of meat on the stove and it still tastes good.

How do you know that the meat has the right roasting level if you do not have a meat thermometer?

– Try pressing the steak. If the meat is rare/medium rare the meat does not go back. If there is some bounce or resistance in the meat it is probably around medium and the steak is hard when you press it, the meat is probably medium well or well done.

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