Top Things to Consider when Buying a new Dishwasher

The dishwasher plays an important role in everyday life. For those of you who are going to buy a new dishwasher, there may be many things you need to consider. In this article, we share our best tips and advice on what to consider before buying a dishwasher.
The choices are many, you not only have to decide what size and capacity are right for you and your needs, but also between many new exciting features and designs. Like steel, white or red front.
Here are the tips on what to think about!

Sound level

For many, the noise level is crucial when choosing a dishwasher. Especially those who have an open floor plan may need a quiet machine that does not interfere with everyday life when staying in other parts of the house. Even without an open plan, a loud dishwasher can interfere with other activities in the kitchen such as meals and work.


The capacity of the dishwasher is measured in the number of envelopes. An envelope accommodates stands for plates, cutlery, and glasses for one person.

You who use the dishwasher every day know that it is not always just plates, plates, glasses, and cutlery that need to be cleaned. Often we also need to set boilers, oven molds, and larger bowls, in addition, it can also be some plastic toy or refrigerator box.

What is defined as silent?

Sound level is measured in decibels (dB). Silent dishwashers are around 44 dB, which corresponds to a quiet room. With such a dishwasher you will not be disturbed whether you sit at the dinner table or relax on the sofa. Decibel follows a logarithmic scale. It starts at 0 and goes up, where the sound energy doubles at every 3 dB. By comparison, the sound level is when you whisper about 20 – 30 dB, calm music or rain of 50 – 60 dB.
A hairdryer or a vacuum cleaner is around 70 and traffic noise is around 80 dB. Alarms and rock concerts can be significantly higher and lie at a sound level between 100 to 140 dB.

The best dishwashers are usually 40 to 48 dB, but some machines can sign with extra silent programs that are 39 dB.

Dishwasher energy efficiency

Many people think that the dishwasher is a power shutter, but all dishwashers on Komplett are energy efficient and have an energy rating from A to A +++.

Several also have extra features that help you save even more on energy consumption. For example, some have a quantity sensor. It detects how much disk there is in the machine, and regulates the water consumption accordingly. This way you can ensure optimal water consumption even when the machine is not completely full.

Others have a so-called half-full function. Then you set the washing program to half full machine yourself, and you save energy, water, and time.

Flexible interior

The slightly more expensive dishwashers also give you more flexibility and more possibilities in terms of stacking and space. Here you can adjust your own drawers, baskets, and cutlery holders.

You choose if you want a cutlery box where knives and forks are put in a row or the more traditional basket where the cutlery is put down. Here, a wine glass holder for four glasses can also be a neat thing to have.

There are constantly new extras and programs for dishwashers. You can already take advantage of programs that, for example, clean glass extra gently or postpone the washing program at a later date. You can get an electronic locking mechanism and indicator for replenishing gloss.

Improved drying

One of the programs that have received more attention lately is fast-drying. Many people have long wanted a dishwasher with better drying, especially for plastic and silicone, which is happy to collect many water drops. Finally, the technology has improved.

One technology that is used for this is Zeolite. The natural material Zeolite converts the moisture from the counter to heat and further helps to make the counter completely dry.

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