What Are the Benefits of a Steam Oven?

The steam oven has long been used by professional chefs and more and more it is also starting to show up in Swedish households. There are many benefits to a stove; To those who are considering buying a steam oven or oven with steam function, we explain why steam is one of the hottest cooking trends right now.

As simple as regular cooking

If you are used to a traditional oven it may feel like a big step to go to a steam oven – does that mean you have to learn from scratch to cook? You can just be completely calm – the answer is NO. Cooking with steam is no more difficult than cooking with a regular oven.

All in one with an oven with steam function

If you choose an oven with a steam function, you have the opportunity to use the steam function and traditional functions such as upper and lower heating or hot air simultaneously. This type of oven, ie A traditional steam oven with steam function is the most common variant on the market. The combination of steam and e.g. hot air can produce different and better cooking results than you may be used to. Hang on and we’ll explain more…

1. Juicy and strong

One of the biggest advantages of a steam oven is that it does not dry out the food. At the same time, the color and texture of the food are also better preserved as the food is cooked more gently and at a lower temperature.

The gentle cooking of the steam really comes into its own when you cook fish. Not only does the fish look more inviting, it also has more flavor. Vegetables also feel good from the steam treatment rather than being cooked or baked.

2. Several cooking methods for lots of different raw ingredients

  • With the combination of steam and traditional oven, you can succeed with most of the oven. That is the explanation for why the stove is so popular – it combines the best of two worlds.
  • 25% steam and 75% hot air are perfect if you are preparing meat, poultry, and bread. The meat gets juicy with a shimmering surface, while the bread gets a crispy golden brown crust while remaining soft and flavorful inside.
  • 50% steam and 50% hot air are great for heating residues. The steam adds extra moisture so that the residues do not become dry and dull.
  • 100% steam is best suited to fish, rice and vegetables. As mentioned above, the juiciness and taste are better preserved when cooking with steam. You can put everything in the oven at the same time without being afraid that it will all smell and taste only fish afterward.

3. Steam preserves vitamins and minerals

This is not a myth but a proven truth. Several scientific studies have shown that steam preserves the nutrients better than other cooking methods. This is especially true for vegetables – steamed vegetables preserve up to 50% more vitamins than regular cooked vegetables!

4. Achieve the perfectly crispy surface

Although steam mainly leads the mind to the preparation of fish and vegetables, the home baker can also enjoy great pleasure from an oven with steam function. The balance between heat and moisture helps you to get the perfect crispy golden brown surface that all bakers dream of. At the same time, the bread gets a tasty and juicy texture – a (bread) crumb of heaven!

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