10 Best Tips for Starting a Cafe

Realize your dream of starting a cafe. Here we share our best tips for starting a café.

1. It is important to have a unique idea.

2. Make a proper business plan.

It is very important with a business plan where you really go through everything in every detail. It is not just the rent that costs, for example, one should not forget to include the cost of the telephone or dishwasher.

3. Tell people you exist.

Make it no secret that you are starting up a cafe.

4. Offer free samples.

There are many sellers who try to fool us with ads, but it is better to wait and work in the place first and see what customers you have. You have to know how many people are reached by the advertisement in that case. Instead, a great strategy is to offer free tastings.

5. Competitors

Keep track of the area, the supply, and the clientele. Before starting, stand outside for a longer period of time and cout how many people pass by your location. You should also look at who passes by your location to understand your potential clientele.

6. Study and stay updated

Having insight into, and understanding the industry is a huge bonus.

7. Get outside help.

8. Be a hard negotiator.

If you are renting and/or buying a location

9. Hard work

Particularly in the beginning, you have to be prepared to work long and hard. Not everyone will manage this.

10. Have fun.

It’s best if you have fun at work. The most fun thing is when you get regular customers, people who come three times a week.

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