10 Quick Tips For the Kitchen

We’ve probably all had our problems in the kitchen when we cook, and as a result, come up with smart solutions that no one else has ever thought of! We want to share here 10 tips that will make your life (at least in the kitchen) easier.

  • When scraping your pre-cut food off the cutting board, use the knife’s back instead of the cutting surface, thereby avoiding the knife becoming dull.
  • If your cutting board or cooker slides around as you use it, place a damp kitchen towel underneath to increase friction and reduce the risk of slipping away.
  • Freeze your leftover vegetables and meat residues and gild your food at a later date by using these to cook your own fund.
  • Place the potato in a ladle when cutting slices to make hazelnut potatoes, so you don’t risk cutting it.
  • Place the eggs in a plastic bag to prevent them from cracking when you cook them.
  • Freeze fresh herbs in butter or oil to keep the flavor longer.
  • If you burn yourself while cooking, place egg whites as quickly as possible on the burned body part to prevent the formation of blisters and ugly marks.
  • If the saucepan is heavily burnt, boil some dishwashing detergent or detergent in the saucepan to dissolve the hard-to-wash base.
  • Use a potato press to squeeze the liquid out, for example. canned tuna.
  • Use your egg cutter to cut the avocado into fine slices for salads and the like.

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