Should you Wash Wine Glasses in a Dishwasher?

Old wisdom says you should not wash your wine glasses in the dishwasher. And if you have an older model machine, it’s probably still true. But modern machines have programs that you can wash wine glasses with no problems. Whether you are washing by hand or machine, we will help you through the cleaning process.

Before you begin – what does the manufacturer recommend?

There is a difference between what the different manufacturers recommend. Most brands have some sort of guidelines for what best suits your wine glasses. Some manufacturers advise against dishwashing while others have detailed descriptions of how to best wash the glasses in a dishwasher.

Before you start, it’s a good idea to check out what the manufacturer of your wine glasses recommends.

Hand wash

If you prefer to wash your wine glasses, you will get the best results as follows:

  • If you do not need to wash immediately, just empty the glass. Do not rinse with water as circles of lime may accumulate on the glass.
  • When you are ready to clean the glasses, use a detergent without scent and a clean wash brush.
  • Then rinse in clean water to remove traces of detergent in the glass.
  • Always use perfectly clean kitchen towels when drying the glasses. Also, remember to use a detergent without perfume when the kitchen towels must be washed and do not use rinse aid. Namely, it reduces the drying ability of the towel.
  • Dry and polish the glass gently until completely dry. Keep your foot on the glass with both hands so that you do not hold the stalk. In fact, the glass is most fragile right after a counter and you can risk the stalk being twisted or completely broken off.
  • Smell on the glass to make sure all detergent residues are completely gone. Then place the glass in place with the dome facing up. This ensures that traces of moisture can come out and prevents the glass from getting a cabinet smell.


  • As mentioned before, you should start by checking what the glass manufacturer recommends when it comes to machine wash.
  • You should also assess if you are satisfied with the result when the dishwasher is washing other glasses.
  • If you do not, for example. If you have glass plague problems, it makes no sense to try your wine glasses.
  • Make sure there is enough salt and rinse aid in the machine.
  • Set the wine glasses firmly so that they do not tip over and make sure they are not too close together.
  • The glasses should preferably not be in contact with each other. If the dishwasher does not have a rack suitable for wine glasses, you can buy it as an accessory.
  • If there is one, use the machine’s glass program, otherwise, choose a program with temperatures between 35-45 degrees and short wash time.
  • When the machine is ready, it is a good idea to open it and let the glasses steam off and cool down before removing and drying them. Wipe with the help of a completely clean kitchen towel and wipe the cup and foot on the glass as water is often collected there.
  • The glass is at its most vulnerable shortly after a disk, so avoid turning the stalk or holding the glass tight.
  • Place the glass in place with the dome facing up so the moisture can come out.

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