12 tips for a Successful Kitchen Renovation

Step one and perhaps the most important tip to get started is what just takes place in the head. Think about what style you want in your kitchen, what appliances, approximate budget and everything else. Most likely, this plan will change all the time, but you should have something to start with before you start shopping and renovating. Bygg mentor’s guide “How to sketch the dream kitchen” is a good place to start.

1. Select the layout of the kitchen

Simply put, it can be said that there are some basic solutions in which all kitchens are based on:

One-wall kitchen. The kitchen runs along a single wall.
The corridor. A kitchen with two long sides opposite each other.
L form. A kitchen with a perpendicular corner, ie as the letter L.
Double-L. Same starting point as the regular L-shaped kitchen but with an extra “L” as the kitchen island or along the opposite corner of the kitchen.
U-shaped. For those with more space, they let the kitchen cover three walls and thus form a “U”.

If you can’t decide what works best for your kitchen space, consider contacting kitchen remodeling professionals in Austin Texas, or other cities near you. They will give you advice on what layout works best for your space, and what forms and materials for cabinets or countertops to choose to make it fit your overall home vibes.

2. The kitchen triangle

When planning the design of the kitchen and where the various kitchen parts and furniture should be located, you should start from the “kitchen triangle”. It is a principle that the person working in your kitchen should always be able to get between three different points: fridge, oven/stove, and sink.

These three points should be close to each other and have no obstacles between each other. If anyone in your kitchen can easily observe and move between these three places, you have a good start on your new kitchen.

3. Renovate kitchen price

The price for a kitchen renovation varies very much for obvious reasons. But there is an early decision you need to make that is probably the individual decision that most affects the price of your kitchen renovation – new water and sewer lines or retaining existing pipes. If you decide to keep the sink and drain in the existing place, you save a lot of time and money, but on the other hand, the kitchen renovation possibilities are limited because you have to relate to a previous plumbing solution.

4. Renovate kitchen – kitchen hatches

Now it’s time to look at kitchen cabinets, kitchen fittings and appliances. Everything from new cheese grinders to workbench should be included in your plan, then you can scale it down as well. If you want to choose your own kitchen interior and everything from kitchen hatches to materials and colors, you should visit both large building warehouses and more refined and often smaller kitchen specialists that are aimed specifically at customers renovating kitchens. They can usually help you and come up with suggestions on how to best put together your kitchen decor, and just by talking to them you can often get tips and inspiration.

5. Think about lights and lights

Lighting can to a certain extent be corrected after the kitchen has been renovated but for safety reasons you should have a clear vision already in the kitchen renovation is going on. To avoid mecca with extension cables and panic solutions, it is most convenient if during the renovation you let your electrician pull all the connections and cables as you want them instead of it being a standard solution that ultimately does not suit you. For a close dialogue with both electricians and carpenters to make sure that all parties are aware of what you want to get out of the light in your kitchen.

6. Kitchen renovation cost

What then does a kitchen renovation cost? Between 35 and 65 EUR per hour you can count in the labor cost of a craftsman. The price varies depending on what you conclude for an agreement and what work involved, but where the cost lies. So if your kitchen takes 160 hours to renovate, including electricians, carpenters, tiles, plumbing, etc., you will land at a labor cost of between EUR 45000 and 10.000.

However, most of the material cost for kitchen renovation depends on the price level you choose for your kitchen interior.

7. New windows in the kitchen – dare to go all the way

What generally enhances the experience and price of a kitchen is to bring in more natural light. If you do not already have kitchen windows, you should seriously consider the possibility of inserting new windows that allow more light. It is quite expensive to install windows in the kitchen, but if you are thinking financially, it is probably the part of the kitchen renovation that has the greatest chance of repaying itself in the event of an increase in sales value. If you still need to do a comprehensive kitchen renovation, it is definitely smart to look at the window position as well.

8. The workbench attracts glances

In the kitchen, just like in your home otherwise, you need a focal point for your interior to feel thoughtful and complete. In your kitchen, the focal point may be a detail, perhaps a plant or spice shelf, or a solid workbench in, for example, granite that really captures the viewer’s gaze immediately. Investing a little extra powder on the workbench is important because it is the part of the kitchen that you come in contact with most often and that a large empty area should look good and suit your taste. Otherwise, it will probably only be an empty, dead surface that will drag down the overall impression of the kitchen.

9. Kitchen renovation do it yourself?

Well, if you are not educated in the different areas a kitchen renovation requires (carpentry, plumbing, electricity, tiles and more) it is not a good idea to renovate the kitchen yourself. Inquire with different craftsmen and see what they offer you in the way of quotation for the different parts. In addition to “ordinary” craftsmanship, kitchens also require wet-room knowledge so that you will not suffer unpleasant moisture damage in the future. Maybe you master any part of the renovation that you can do yourself and then put other parts on the kitchen craftsman?

The work itself, you should get an estimate of time before it even starts. Always expect that it may take longer than the craftsmen guess and be sure to agree on how to pay for the kitchen renovation. Price should be set in advance, if not you should agree on what is a reasonable time for your particular kitchen renovation. Compare different kitchen contractors to get slightly different pictures of what your kitchen renovation costs in time and money.

10. Ceiling height controls kitchen doors and kitchen fittings

Exactly the height from floor to ceiling in your kitchen should control some of your choices when it comes to kitchen decor. If you have a standard height for the ceiling, your cabinets and hatches can go all the way up to the ceiling, but if you start to get over 250 centimeters at ceiling height you have an excellent opportunity to get a kitchen that looks different and that can offer new storage possibilities. Simply leave space between the top of the kitchen cabinets and your ceiling to create new solutions for kitchen decor and design.

11. Renovate kitchen with small space

If your kitchen is only a few square meters, there are some special things to consider and this guide to kitchen renovation ends with some tips that apply especially when renovating small kitchens.

To give your little kitchen a more uniform feel, you can hide appliances such as a fridge or dishwasher behind the same panel as your kitchen cabinets. This means that your kitchen does not get the spicy and messy feeling that small kitchens often get.
The rule of thumb for small kitchen renovation is bright colors and open storage solutions. Try to keep several of your cabinets open, the depth contributing to a greater sense of space in the kitchen. Bright colors are generally better to use in small kitchens because it also contributes to a more open kitchen feel.

Even if you have a limited wall space to build your kitchen around maybe you can fit in with a kitchen island somewhere? Then you transform the floor space into a useful work surface and give an exclusive feeling even if the surface is small.
Pull-out cabinets and shelves are perfect for the small kitchen. Storage will be easier and you will feel that you will have room for more than you thought if your storage solutions can be pulled out.

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