5 Common Mistakes When Opening a Restaurant

Many people dream of starting and opening their own restaurant, but it is a bigger project than you think. We have listed five common mistakes that many make when opening a restaurant.

You are not part of the digitalization

Digitization is in full swing in all sectors and companies. The restaurant industry included, even though it has been late to the party. Many people who start a restaurant today do not digitize their restaurant directly but follow the old school, which means that the restaurant is not as efficient and therefore not as profitable. All new restaurants should be digital from the start, which will make it easier for you in the long run.

Select the wrong cash register system

A cash system is an investment that will pay off in the long run. Today, there are several different solutions, but the most important thing is that it should be tailored to your particular business needs. Today’s cash registers are online platforms that contain cash registers, express cash registers, smart card terminals and other solutions in one and the same software. Be sure to choose a supplier that has 24/7 support and can tailor a system for your particular restaurant.

Have too much on the menu

Something that many new pub owners do wrong is to offer far too many dishes. Unfortunately, the philosophy that “there must be something for everyone” only radiates uncertainty. In addition, it is difficult – and expensive – with kitchens to cook lots of different dishes. Pick out some specific dishes that you know are good and that you can without and before. Then you will succeed! You haven’t missed the saying “less is more”?

Have no long-term business plan

A business plan should describe how a business concept through goals should become a reality – short-term and long-term. However, many fail to create long-term plans, and stop short-term. This means that the restaurant is fully booked during the opening period and possibly a few months later – but not for a long time. Be sure to make a complete business plan that extends over a long period of time.

Recruits staff they cannot retain

Finding good staff for your restaurant is among the most difficult in the process of opening a restaurant. You want to find people you can trust and who want to make the trip with you. Not someone who quits after just a few weeks. To increase the chances that people want to work, and stay, with you – make an attractive workplace that respects and cares for their staff. There are no shortcuts!

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