Best Email Software for College Students

The entry of many communication apps and platforms has not eliminated the need for email services. Emails are formal and offer more dynamic features like customizing the domain names. The software removes you from the obvious communication platforms, giving you legitimacy. 

Choosing emailing software requires you to consider several factors. The software should integrate seamlessly with the big emailing platforms. It should also guarantee security and confidentiality when engaging write my thesis helpers online to avoid compromising your integrity. Here are excellent emailing apps and software to consider for college students. 


Gmail is a familiar choice for most students. It offers a load of features that make your work easier. Gmail is easy to understand and use, even for clients with minimal tech knowledge. 

Gmail is owned by one of the biggest tech players in the world today. This is a guarantee that the app will provide the latest features. It is also widespread, allowing other people to receive your emails without question. 

Gmail is free on a computer or the phone. Developers are always trying new features to improve the user experience. As a result, you have one of the most modern emailing apps on your phone or computer. 

Gmail is also fast and easy to use. Your message will be delivered immediately after you hit the send icon. Swiping on the phone will also archive or send an email to another folder. It allows you to tag or label messages for easier retrieval. Based on the importance of the messages, you can set the app to send an alert when the message hits your inbox. 

Edison Mail

Edison Mail is loved for its automated inbox management. It works on Android and iOS devices, giving you a seamless mailing experience. It guarantees the safety of your communication with one of the most robust security settings. 

Edison Mail is fast, easy to use, and modern. It constantly improves its functions to provide a memorable mailing experience. There is an Assistant icon in your inbox, ensuring that you can get help whenever you need it. 

A single tap is enough to unsubscribe you from any spam mail. Edison resurrects or resurfaces emails when they are important. For instance, it will retrieve a bill when it is due or alert you when your booked hotel is nearing its use date. Edison is free but can provide more robust features upon subscription. 


Outlook is an old name that surprises everyone because it is the best for iPhone users. It provides a perfect balance between power and usability. The desktop version sometimes feels overloaded until you realize the power it offers in your emailing. 

Outlook is modern, fast, and pleasant to use. It integrates seamlessly with other platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive, among others. The app has an inbuilt calendar to manage your schedules. It also makes it easier to track your files through labelling. 

Outlook has room for the most important emails as well as spam messages. It is free to use and is constantly upgraded to provide the best experience. Outlook is a solid option with incredible features to make emailing easier.

Apple Mail 

Apple Mail comes pre-installed on all iOS devices. Being a default app means that it will integrate seamlessly with the other apps you install on your iPhone. It comes with a VIP inbox that you can lock to protect your data and files. You can create a list of contacts that will come with an alert. The others are pushed to the spam folder. It is free and will guarantee the best emailing experience on iOS devices. 

Good mailing software makes it easier to communicate while in college. It provides features that cater to your needs, including attaching files and obtaining alerts when new mail hits your inbox. Above all, it must link seamlessly with other emailing platforms to enable open communication. 

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