Learn How to Cook Climate Smart – the Best Tips From the Experts

Do you want to learn how to cook climate-smart? Making food takes a lot of resources which ultimately affects mother nature. Here are our top tips for making food in a way that leaves less of an impact on the climate.

1. Do not set too high requirements

You don’t have to do everything and have everything figured out from one day to the next, starting with small steps. For example, you can wipe out the minced meat with carrots or beans.

2. Disconnect the autopilot

Everything becomes harder and harder to do when you are tired and hungry, and equally so to cook food in a climate-smart way. This also goes for when buying food. At these times, our brain usually saves energy by doing what you always do – which is not what we want here.

Shop instead when you are rested and have enough energy to make wise decisions in the store.

3. Simplify for yourself

If the choices are too many, we tend not to choose at all, so sometimes it can actually be nice to let someone else choose for us. Prepare with climate-smart recipes before you shop, so you are prepared and food purchases can thus become more sustainable automatically.

4. Make it social

Group pressure and social norms can influence our choices and behaviors, so a smart way to get on the right track is to signal to the environment that you should try eating more vegetarian. Tell about your climate goals to your family, friends, and colleagues, and it will be easier to stick to them.

5. Use the senses to reduce the waste

As much as 25 percent of the food’s climate impact is due to food waste and much of the food being thrown is nothing wrong with.

Use your senses to see if the food can still be eaten, even common sense will go a long way. Besides being good for the environment, your wallet will also thank you.

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