How to Cook Simple Food for Every Day Life

Life can be stressful sometimes. You may be strapped on time, stressed, or come home one day and just want to eat something quickly. In this article, we will share our best tips for cooking simple food for your everyday life.

Take advantage of the leftovers

Whatever you choose to cook, it’s great that it can be enough for another meal the day after – as long as you cook a little more than you intend to eat. To mix it up so you don’t eat the same thing two days in a row, you can also mix it up a bit.

If you keep the different dishes apart, you can easily taste them with new flavors and supplement with other accessories the day after. For example, if you cook a crispy salad with chicken the day before, you can take the salad and taste with pesto or something else you like. Instead, you can fry sausages and serve them. If there was leftover chicken, you take it the day after serving with some other accessories.

Food that saves time

When we share this way of cooking everyday food, we often get positive feedback. Many people do not think about how easy it is to make everyday cooking easier without a lot of fuss and stress. This way, you reduce the time in the kitchen and get more time to spend. If you have children you can also put them on to help with any of the dishes. Turn up the dishes as a buffet that everyone can take off, then set them in the fridge so they stay fresh for the rest of the week. Research dishes that are fast to cook. We have an array of other articles where we share amazing recipes that can be made in ten minutes.

Additional everyday cooking tips

Plan 4-5 dinners to eat during the week and buy the ingredients needed.

  • Cook a little more food than you know goes to each time. Vips you have leftovers that are enough for dinner one day during the week or maybe for lunch on the weekend. So I often do and it is invaluable there on Thursday to just pick up prepared food from the fridge. + that it reduces food waste!
  • Prepare as much as you can. I know on Sunday it feels sad to spend time in the kitchen. But on Tuesday you will find that it was a well invested time. I promise! Peel carrot sticks and place in a jar. Make a 3-week salad. Should you eat quinoa or other cereal during the week
  • Cook them already on Sunday. Or cook extra much on Monday so it is enough for one or a couple more dinners.
  • Prepare an extra dish on Sunday. That way you won’t have to cook one of the dinners during the week. Perfect if you know from the beginning that any of the days of the week will be a little stressful

By taking the lead in planning everyday meals, you can save money when you do not have to shop every day, save time when you know what to cook each day and maybe have already prepared something the day before. You also save on the environment when you hopefully do not throw away food to the same extent. The food that is left over is stored in the fridge or freezer and produced on the day of the week you decide to eat leftovers.

Here’s how to put together a simple weekly food note:

  1. Determine one day of the week when food is being planned – for example on Sunday.
  2. Browse magazines and books, browse recipe sites and visit blogs for inspiration. Choose 3-4 main dishes to be cooked during the week. Supplement with 3-4 accessories that can fill in the leftovers from the main courses.
  3. Cook more than you can. Set the food quickly in the fridge to keep it longer. Spice up the leftovers the following day and possibly supplement with additional ingredients or accessories.


Always try to keep something lightly cooked in the freezer. I often have a bag of vegetable balls that you can easily fry and serve grits and a cold sauce. Perfect emergency food!
Do you have a fire cooker at home? Use it! Perfect for making vegetarian pots / soups in the summer.
Have a couple of boiled eggs in the fridge – perfect to complement the food or why not bring the food box with when eating leftovers.
A food can be infinitely varied. Think boiled potato for the fish on Monday. What remains is a cold potato salad for vegetable steaks on Wednesday. Leftover pasta is excellent in a pasta gratin or as a cold pasta salad.
Try subscribing to a food bag! There you get planned dinners and it can be a good way to get into the thinking itself.

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