6 Fresh and Free WordPress Themes for Beginner Writers

Writers have very specific requirements. A lot of their work involves words. They also mix a few videos and images. A writer expects a reader to engage while on the move. This is best done on a mobile-friendly platform. Writing creates a community that would like to engage through comments and sharing. The writers also create clusters of articles under particular themes that should be grouped. Such requirements require very particular themes. A beginner writer is also interested in a theme that will be easy to update and operate. Regardless of the price, these themes should make it easy for the writer to display his work as well as engage with the audience. 

WordPress has provided all types of themes for users to choose from. The inexperience of beginners limits the features they can use. At the same time, they should enable the writer to appear professional and engage with his audience. Here are excellent themes to consider as a beginner writer. 

1. Astra

Astra is built for authors who need to separate their content from their community engagements. It is simple with features that allow you to distinguish different categories of content. Buy a dissertation online and create time to attend to other more interesting tasks like work or business. Dissertation help will also free your time to give room to relax and enjoy your college years. 

Astra has a main section for your prime content. It then provides a separate blog section where you can engage with followers and fans. In case you need to add an online store, Astra will connect automatically. It also allows you to include social media sharing. It is also enhanced for web optimization, enabling you to reach a wider audience. 

2. Divi

Divi comes with a drag-and-drop building feature. It allows you to examine the features you need for your website and drop them directly on the template. You do not require expert IT knowledge to build a website using Divi. It also provides hundreds of templates to choose from. 

Writers looking for mobile responsive platforms can turn to Divi. In case you wish to change the design, you will not lose your content. It also offers a wide range of fonts to enhance the quality of your content. It is a perfect choice for writers who want to build a website in minutes. 

3. Neve

Looking for a website with high customization options? Neve is the way to go. It also integrates with e-commerce platforms, enabling you to sell books, poems, and merchandise. The homepage designs are especially captivating. It allows comments and sharing across platforms while maintaining the original format. Neve also accommodates multi-user options, especially for magazine websites. 

4. Ultra

Ultra is modern and powerful in appearance. It provides a wide width while allowing you to add a few images. If you want to add a few videos and images to your write-up, Ultra will accommodate them. It is easy to set up and use. 

5. True North

The attractive design makes them compelling for authors. It has a layered template that accommodates images. With a built-in portfolio, you will easily showcase your work. 

6. Writee

Writee is designed specifically for authors. It provides a slider box on the sides to help you to showcase your work. It has a spacious outlook that will capture the imagination of your readers. The social links and navigation menus make it a perfect choice for writers. 

WordPress offers numerous themes for writers and other professionals. Whether you want to add images and videos or stick to text, there is a perfect theme for you. With simplified features, you can run a blog like a pro yet you are a beginner. 

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