How Should Coffee Beans be Stored?

Coffee is a fresh product and the beans reach their peak a few days after they are opened. Something that many are not aware of is that coffee is that the shelf life of a broken package is very short.

Therefore, it is also important to know how to store your coffee. An open bag of coffee beans that are in the wrong place is fresh for a maximum of two days, but with the right storage they can instead stay fresh for weeks, thus the durability and taste of the coffee increases significantly. Ground coffee works in the same way but with the difference that an open bag only stays fresh for 15 minutes when stored incorrectly.

But what is the right way to store the beans? There are many different things that affect the durability of both ground coffee and coffee beans. The main deciding factors for good storage are to avoid heat, oxygen, light, and moisture. All of these factors negatively affect the coffee and the taste of the coffee.

Simply put, the coffee beans thus need a dry, dark and cool place and the coffee should preferably remain in the original packaging with a substantial Easter squeeze if the package has been open so that as little air as possible enters the coffee. The reason why air should be avoided is that the taste can be affected, the beans simply become tasteless as the essential oils in the coffee ravine in contact with air, but also because the coffee emits gas when it is newly roasted and therefore most coffee packages now have a valve to be able to release the gas so that the packaging does not explode. Therefore, avoid also pouring the coffee into another package or jar, unfortunately, the small exposure of air can affect it as well.

Another common storage trick is that many simply put the coffee beans in the freezer, which works great as long as you freeze in portions and just take out the amount of beans you need. Freezing and thawing the beans, again and again, is therefore not preferable.

Myths about coffee storage

Many of us have heard that the coffee is best stored in the refrigerator, which you can say is both true and false, it is true that the coffee can stay fresh longer by keeping it cold, but as soon as the beans are removed from the refrigerator the quality is affected. negatively by the coffee aromas evaporating at a furious speed.

Another negative aspect is that it is moist in a refrigerator and that the coffee can actually take a taste of the other ingredients contained therein. Keeping the coffee at room temperature is also contentious, many claims that it works well, but that it goes against many of the aforementioned factors that affect the quality of the coffee such as exposure to light, heat, etc.

In the end, you probably try to agree that it is a taste thing and that there are as many tips on good storage as less good, you have to try it out simply, what works well for someone, works less well for someone else.

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