How to Boil Coffee Over Campfire

How to cook good coffee over the campfire? Here are some tips and soon you will be able to offer the best coffee outdoors!

Most people can boil/brew coffee – but boiling coffee over the campfire is something many are less accustomed to. There are many different ways – here you have some tips!

Fill the coffee pan with water and hang or place it over the fire/glow. Pour in the coffee powder itself.

Use cooked coffee as it is more coarse ground than brewed coffee and gives the right flavor. Dose according to the instructions on the package. Or about a tablespoon per cup (1.5 dl). If you have no measurements, dose with the eye measure – it is the right amount of coffee if the powder holds for a limb to run on without sinking! (= Lunch coffee!)

Gently stir a few times while waiting for the boil. Here is the time to talk and socialize and just cozy up while you wait and glance at the lid to see when it is boiling.

Let it boil, lift the lid from time to time and monitor the process.

If it boils too much then in our opinion it will not be good, tannic acid develops, which can also be difficult for a sensitive stomach. For us, the first bubble is a sign that it is enough, others let it bubble a little longer, some do not want it to boil at all. And some let it cook up several times and usually have it done three times.

For those who can’t fit the boiled and don’t want to risk getting coffee that boils over or boils for too long – boil the water first, then add the coffee and let it simmer for a few minutes to taste.

Remove the pan from the fire and let the coffee powder sink to the bottom for a few minutes.
Trick to get the powder to settle in the bottom of the coffee pan: is to pour-over coffee in a saucepan and then pour back into the pan again, the procedure can be repeated. Or to pour a splash of cold water into the boiler can also be poured through the spout to remove any coffee there. You can also pour the first cup to yourself to reduce the risk of the guests getting sump or coffee foam in the cup. The adventurous swings the coffee pot quickly around and lets the centrifugal force do the job!

Enjoy the coffee and nature!

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