9 Effective Tips for Beeaking Coffee Addiction

Have you noticed that coffee can worry your stomach, or cause others trouble and decide to step down, or quit altogether?

It may be easier said one to break a coffee addiction.

Some suffer from severe withdrawal problems, feel exhausted or become constipated.

9 Tips for Breaking Coffee Addiction

Step down gradually: If you feel that you cannot live without your coffee, you can start by stepping down. Drink 4 cups a day, remove or replace the one that means least to tea.

Continue reducing to 2. Then to only one cup and make this single-cup a holy moment. Take a break, turn off distracting surroundings and enjoy to the max!

While reducing the number of cups, you can also reduce the amount of coffee at any time.
Stop the ritual: getting a cup of coffee is often associated with a nice feeling, a reward or a well-deserved break in the stress. Simply something to look forward to.

If coffee is removed without being replaced by anything else, the mental loss will be painful. Therefore, replace the coffee with something else, e.g. green tea, something else warm to drink, that you can look forward to and that gives a bit of that nice feeling.
Power pacifier: is a great way to give extra energy when you no longer have the coffee there to pick you up when you are asleep at work. Take a short power nap in 15 minutes.

It is a time-efficient way to recharge the internal battery. Maximum 20 minutes, otherwise you may feel even more tired and completely groggy when you wake up again.

Eat berries for energy: some sweet berries are both good and contain a lot of goodies. Not as invigorating as coffee but a handful of blueberries can still give a certain energy boost and is at the same time useful.

Light cardio training: Another way to boost the stimulating hormones in your body when you start to get sick is a light cardio workout. 20-40 min and no harder than you can call. A quick walk can be good enough.

Chewing dark roasted beans: a tip that may sound a bit strange but that is effective comes from health guru Paul Chek … chewing on some dark roasted coffee beans when the withdrawal problems come creeping! Take 3 pieces and chew, chew, chew until completely liquid, before swallowing. This often dampens the suction enough. If the craving is still strong, take 3 more until it is under control. Don’t go for exaggeration and go chew beans all day. The need should steadily decrease until it is not needed at all.
Yerba mate / green tea: two good replacement drinks are green tea and yerba mate tea. They still contain some caffeine (theine) so it gives some energy.

At the same time it does not irritate the stomach like coffee and you still have a hot drink to reward yourself with during the break.

Cold showers: if you have a will of steel, cold showers are a brilliant way to wake the body and put all systems in full readiness. Are you a zombie in the morning before the first cup of coffee?

Jump into an ice-cold shower the first thing you do and you will fly out like the steel man, ready to face the world! Another benefit is that everyone who hears about your morning routine will be mighty impressed with your discipline and iron will.
85% chocolate: if you desperately lack your coffee and think that tea or berries do not feel like a reward at all, try a bit of really dark chocolate for the tea. To really get the good taste, dip a bit into the tea and eat.

When the chocolate melts slightly, the sweet taste comes out more.
There you have some tips that can help you break the coffee addiction without suffering from severe withdrawal problems. Hope that these three parts about coffee have been rewarding and good luck for anyone who aims to remove coffee from the daily routine.

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