How to Find Your Favorite Coffee Bean

The art of finding your favorite coffee bean

Choose from medium roasted, whole-malt, beans, roasted beans or raw.

Once you have decided that you want to choose coffee and especially coffee beans to broaden your views and maybe find your favorite, you will soon discover that there is a huge selection. There are almost as many varieties of coffee as possible, and different beans are usually suitable for different purposes. And especially for different people. The way in which you think you should use the beans also comes into play, in terms of time. Do you want to have roasted beans or toast them yourself?

When deciding which coffee bean to choose, there are a lot of other questions to consider as well. The first thing you need to decide on is whether you want whole malt or coffee made from beans you grind yourself. Then comes the question of what depth of flavor you want, fruity? More or less bitter? Should the coffee fit with any kind of milk or preferably it is?

If you ask around among friends or at cafés, you can get a lot of tips and ideas, which can make both more and less wise.

There may be help to find what you are looking for since the best thing, of course, is to test several variants. Smell, taste and find out how the various beans should be prepared on-site.

If you do not have a coffee shop nearby then a roastery where they have a greater variety than eg. grocery shopping, be good to visit, to arrive at your choice. If you do not live near a big city with a good supply, or may not have the time to visit a roastery and want to do it in quieter forms, you can order coffee beans through the internet to get tastings through various websites.

However, be careful not to order too much, as coffee is a fresh product and quickly loses its right taste if it is too long. You should also find out which storage is right for the coffee beans you bought. There are also different events from different experience companies where you can go for “coffee testing”.

Do you also want to think about where the coffee comes from and under what circumstances and under what conditions, the workers who made the beans work under? As the consumer becomes more and more aware, these factors can be found quite easily. Many companies that distribute coffee beans are open with origins throughout the chain up to the table.

If you want a coffee you want to roast yourself, you need to buy a more raw coffee bean and then you do not feel the smell before they are roasted. So another good reason to test coffee on the spot.

When it comes to coffee beans, there are also several varieties, price ranges, and types, so everyone can find their favorite in the coffee beans world. A true coffee lover relies solely on quality over quantity in order to enjoy his coffee cup properly.

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