How to Get the Best Coffee

What is the secret of the perfect latte?

Caffè Latte is often made on a double espresso and then steamed milk equivalent 2/3 of the total amount. This is just a rule of thumb because it is the individual taste that should govern.

The starting point when making the perfect lathe is that all equipment you use should be clean. The Espresso should be made from fresh and freshly ground beans. The milk should be fresh and refrigerated, preferably with a slightly higher fat content. During warming, the milk should make the yeast as creamy as possible. The milk should not be hotter than 50-55 degrees and must not exceed 65 degrees. When you enjoy a latte shell you do not have to blow it to cool it down.

How to get cream on your espresso?

Creme is the foam bed that lends itself as a lid over a real goods expresso. Crema is the cellulose and protein found in the coffee bean that is released when you have a brewing pressure of over 4 bar. For those who do not have an espresso machine that can create a brewing pressure of over 4 bar, the kettle can make its own cream with the help of a foam or a small whisk. By taking a small portion of espresso coffee and whisking or alternatively using the foam, you can create a nice and thick cream that you then put as a lid over your espresso.

Why are whole beans “better” than ready-made?

In a coffee bean, there are hundreds of flavors. There is no packaging in the world that can pack all the aroma of the coffee bean as well as the coffee bean’s own shell. By grinding whole beans directly before the coffee is brewed, you not only get a richer and fresh taste, you also get to experience the scents of freshly ground coffee. In addition, you can easily adjust the grinding to your needs, brewers or the brewing method that suits you best.

How to spice up a cup of brewing coffee?

There are many ways to spice up a cup of brewing coffee! Why enjoy your cup of coffee in a happy company and with a little bit of dark chocolate. Anyone who has difficulty with the coffee taste or is a “beginner” can easily spice up their coffee with different flavors on the side.

Why does coffee taste bitter sometimes?

The fact that coffee tastes bitter depends mainly on which beans you use as well as roasting. The choice of brewing method can also play a role. Tougher roasting tends to create a bitter taste

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