Top Tips for a Really Good Cup of Coffee

It starts with the water

Here we offer some tips along the way if you choose to brew the coffee yourself.
Brewing a cup of coffee is like a work of art. It can take a short or long time and the taste divides us into different camps.

Always use fresh, clean and cold water. Soft water is better than hard.
Soft water flows slowly through the coffee and draws out more aromas.
If you have hard water you can compensate this with a larger amount of coffee or a dark roasted coffee.

Coffee is a fresh product.

Always use the coffee as soon as you can as it will lose a lot of its flavor and aroma within a few days after opening.
Even an opened bag of whole beans loses flavor and aroma within a week or two. Therefore, keep all kinds of coffee in the original packaging and place it (preferably in the fridge) in an airtight jar with a lid. The acid in the air otherwise breaks down the coffee’s aromas.

Dosage and brewing time

Dose right. A liter of water requires about 12 ironed tablespoons to get the taste to its best.

Check brewing time and water temperature. A good brewer brews for about 5-6 minutes, it takes longer to extract bitter substances from the coffee and the taste gets worse.

For best taste, the water temperature should be 92 ° C-96 ° C, just below the boiling point.
Stir in the mig before serving! The most powerful and most delicious coffee is brewed first and settles into the bottom of the jug.

Preferably do not leave the coffee on heating. Even after half an hour, the taste and aroma of the coffee have deteriorated.

Take care of your coffee maker

Usually, when brewing, a little water is left in the brewer. Make sure this is emptied so that the next round of coffee will not be bad.
Also, rinse out of the brewer at regular intervals.

Never heat brewed coffee, then the bitter substances will destroy the taste. Drink rather cool.
Make sure the coffee maker is clean.
Lime off the coffee maker regularly.
Tasty cup of coffee!

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