Our Best Grill Tips for Successful Barbecuing

There are many things you need to keep in mind when grilling. Take a look at our three best and most important tips for a successful barbecue evening.

1. Take your time!

Expect it to take about 30 minutes to get the grill hot. When the surface of the coal/bricks are gray and you can no longer hold your hand over the grill for more than a second, it’s time. Not before! Then don’t forget to take it easy even during grilling. If you apply too much at the same time, there is a risk that the glow will suffocate. Take the time to prepare the rest of the food and entertain the guests. And don’t forget the obligatory barbecue beer for God’s sake.
Grilling should not happen in just a few minutes – be patient. On the other hand, it takes time to get a nice and gray filament (about 30 minutes). Take, for example, this half-hour to prepare the food. When you’re just able to hold your hand over the grill for a second, it’s time to start grilling. Spread the glow evenly if you want to use the entire surface, or stow it in one half or around the edges to take advantage of indirect grilling.

2. Keep the grid clean and warm!

With a clean grill you avoid the food getting stuck. It is most easily done immediately after grilling, so do not cheat! If you are probably neglected, you can start by placing the grill over the glow for about 5 minutes and then clean with a steel brush. The clean grill should then be properly heated before the food is put on. For safety reasons, anyone who wants can also brush on some oil. If you are going to grill fish or greens, a tip might also be to wrap the grill with some lemon juice.

Place the grid on the grill a few minutes before putting the food on the grill. This causes the grill to heat up and the food is grilled better. You can prevent the food from sticking to the grill by brushing some oil on it before putting it on.

One trick is to put the stainless grill in the grass when you have grilled ready and leave it overnight. The dew dissolves the dirt and then just brush clean with a soft steel brush.

Of course, the grill itself empties from coal and ash when it has cooled completely. If you have a grill without a container, you can put some foil under the briquettes for easier removal of the ash. Empty the container after each grilling.

Our Best Grill Tips for Successful Barbecuing

3. Avoid dry and boring!

Begin by seasoning right and salt not very far in advance. Salt pulls out the liquid, making the meat dry and dull. Instead, salt just before, or after grilling. Then turn the meat only once. At every turn, meat juice flows down into the grill instead of making it juicy and tasty. If you are unsure, use the lid to distribute the heat better and use a roasting thermometer. Also make sure to always have a cool corner on the grill for what is pre-cooked.


One of the biggest challenges when grilling is to make sure that the grill is neither too hot nor too cold when you put on the meat. A too hot grill causes the meat to be over-grilled on the surface but untouched inside, the carbon has cooled too much it will instead be difficult to get to a nice surface.

If you put your ingredients on the grill and grill directly over glowing charcoal, it is called direct heat. This way is great for sausages, fish, vegetables and meat slices. Indirect heat to recommend if you want to grill larger pieces of meat or a whole chicken. Then the raw material is placed next to the glow.


The right equipment makes it easier and more fun to grill. Roasting shovel with long shaft, barbecue tongs and thermometer greatly facilitates. In addition, it can be good with a stove and a brush.

The Place.

Try to find a breeze for your barbecue. Also be sure to have some turning space around the grill, preferably with space for a relief table. Make sure that your grill is on a firm surface and do not leave it unattended, it is easy for glow to escape from the grill.

The meat.

When grilling meat, keep in mind that the surface of the raw material should be dry when you put it on the grill. Namely, water boils and this prevents the heat from reaching the meat. Season well with marinade or massage in a tasty “rub” made of dried spices. Avoid soaking in the meat – if you do, the oil can drip into the glow and open flames.

Stir the meat as little as possible when lying on the grill and turn it as the meat juices begin to soak up. If you are going to cut the meat then you should do it on the thickest part. The easiest way is to use a thermometer. After removing the meat from the grill, allow the meat to rest for a few minutes before serving. Then the meat has time to suck in some of the meat juices.

One of the most common mistakes you can make is cutting the meat to see if it is ready. If you cut into a piece of meat, much of the meat juice will run out and the piece of meat will be significantly drier. Make sure to cut even slices so they are ready at the same time. That way you only need to cut the meat once if you are not sure if the meat is ready.

Last but not least. Let the meat rest for a few minutes before serving, so it can suck in the meat juices properly. This is especially true if you are grilling beef that may be a little bloody.

The fish.

Fat fish like salmon is relatively easy to grill. We fish, on the other hand, like to get stuck in the grill. It is best to chop the fish in brine overnight, so the fish will be firmer in the meat. Wipe the surface dry before grilling. Soak the fish in whipped cream before placing it on the grill, then the fat will settle over the meat like a repellent membrane. Another alternative is to use teflon grilles.

Fish can advantageously be prepared in foil packages. They are then cooked with the help of steam while all good flavors are preserved in the package. Season with, for example, olive oil, chili or garlic.


Roots and vegetables can advantageously be prepared in foil packages. They are then cooked with the help of steam while all good flavors are preserved in the package. Season with, for example, olive oil, chili or garlic.

Our Best Grill Tips for Successful Barbecuing

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