The Best Functional Trainers For Cable Machine Workouts

Are you looking for a machine to provide you a full-body workout and allow you to perform everyday activities efficiently? A functional trainer will serve you best! The machine, also known as cable pulley machines or cable crossover gym, allows you to perform several exercises to suit your fitness needs. 

Getting a functional trainer for your home gym will help you achieve different fitness objectives. It helps increase your strength, hypertrophy, and endurance, bringing your body into perfect shape. However, before adding one to your home gym, you must be fully aware of the different features and specifications that suit your fitness needs.

This article aims at providing you an in-depth knowledge of factors that make the functional trainer best among others. We will take you through the key features that you must look for before making your buying decision. So, let’s get started.

What Is A Functional Trainer?

This gym machine allows the users to practice functional training that provides them the strength, mobility, and how to get more flexibility required to perform daily life activities. It is a versatile piece of equipment that allows you to perform several exercises, enhancing your movement ability. 

The machine allows you to use different movement patterns such as pushing, walking, running, pulling, squatting, and hinging. Consequently, it increases your strength and stability to perform daily tasks. 

Unlike other strength-training machines, you can make functional trainers adapt to perform varying functional movements. It is a highly adjustable machine that comes with a long cable travel. Subsequently, it allows exercisers to train either specific muscles or perform whole-body functional movements such as deadlifts, squats, and lunges. 

The beauty of functional trainers is the freedom it provides to the users. You can perform multiple movements depending on your fitness level and needs. People who perform functional exercises daily can cope with injuries, improve flexibility, and prevent injuries.  

Features Of The Best Functional Trainers For Cable Machine Workouts 

You will come across plenty of functional trainer models offering different benefits and features. It is crucial to understand your needs first and then invest in a particular model. Some key features that you should consider are as follows:

  • Weight Stacks

High-quality functional trainers feature weight stacks or plates. Before picking a trainer, decide whether you require single or dual weight stack systems. 

Your decision depends on the amount of resistance you want in your trainer. Remember, the actual resistance will be half because of the special resistance. Therefore, opt for a trainer with 200lbs of resistance if you require 100lbs of resistance. 

A double weight stack will offer you more workout options like bench press, cable crossover, and other exercises. Some models offer you extra weight stacks, allowing you to increase the weight when you find it suitable. 

  • Pulleys

This is the crucial part of functional trainers. Look for high-quality trainers with smooth pulleys that are adjustable. The pulleys should adjust completely to the height of the machine. 

A smooth pulley system lets you perform cable exercises. To make sure the pulley is smooth, try and test the machine before purchasing it.  

  • Size

Before getting a functional trainer, make sure you take the dimensions of the space where you will place the machine. Even a compact trainer takes up a lot of floor space. Thus, measure your floor space to be sure whether it can fit in a functional trainer.

You will find most trainers five feet wide, four to five feet long, and around seven feet tall. These measurements are exclusive of the space you require for exercising.

Most dual-weight stack trainers weigh between 700 and 800 lbs. after their assembly. So, you must know the exact place where your trainer will go to prevent any inconvenience.

  • Attachments

You will come across different models offering various attachments. The prices of the two similar models may differ from one another because one of them may include more attachments. If you want to get the best functional trainer, it should consist of the following attachments:

  • Pull-up bar
  • D Handles
  • Long bar
  • Sports bar
  • Multi-purpose belt
  • Ankle Cuff 
  • EZ Curl Bar
  • Triceps Rope
  • Short Bar

Bottom Line

Getting the best functional trainer for cable machine workouts is only possible if you are familiar with its crucial features and specifications. Consider factors such as weight stacks, pulleys, and space available before making a buying decision.

Opt for a model that has a high amount of resistance and weight stack, a smooth pulley system, and allows you to perform versatile exercises. All these factors will lead you to make the right purchase decision and select the best functional trainer for your home gym. 

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