The Best Sports Snacks from Around the World

All over the planet, sports fans love nothing more than to settle down with something tasty while they watch the action. 

Yet, the sports snacks that you come across will vary widely as you travel to different countries, so what are some of the most interesting options?

USA – Varies by State

The food Americans like to eat while watching the NFL or NBA varies from one state to another. This CBS article ranks each state’s favorite Super Bowl snacks using Google data. Among the top names are chili dogs in New Hampshire and football cookies in Iowa and Michigan. Buffalo Chicken Dip is the most popular in Arkansas, Kansas, Ohio, South Dakota, and Virginia.

According to the details, sweet potato skins are eaten in Colorado for the highlight of the NFL season, while fans in Alaska opt for paleo salmon cakes. Chili wins the day in several states, while the traditional chicken wings only come out first in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

The UK – Tastes are Changing

Changing tastes in the UK have meant that the classic meat pie and Bovril is no longer the snack of choice for many soccer fans. While still popular, this traditional snack has been replaced by more variety and up-market options for modern fans to choose from.

For example, Tottenham Hotspur has introduced a cheese room for fans attending games, while Chelsea has tried things like Hand Rolled Truffle and Ricotta Tortellini. Manchester City decided to upgrade the old-fashioned pie with a cheese & pulled beef pasty. A study has also put sweet potato fries as the top snack for Brits watching sport on the TV, ahead of classics like pizza and hot dogs.

France – Sausage Sandwiches and Fries

This is another big country where tastes vary widely from one region to another. However, one established classic is the sausage sandwich that is served up in the Breton stadiums. This consists of a fried pork sausage that is served in a thin sort of pancake that is eaten hot or cold. 

French fries are arguably the most popular snack across the country, while it is usually easy to get hold of international classics such as pizzas, hamburgers, hot dogs, and kebabs. The area outside the stadium is usually filled with pop-up snack bars offering all of these things, while the choice inside is often more limited.

Japan – Bento Boxes and Grilled Chicken Skewers

Western sports fans who head to Japan to watch some baseball, sumo, or other sport will find a lot to enjoy. One of the interesting features here is that fans can often take their own food into stadiums with them. You should check if this is the case at the stadium you are planning on visiting.

If you decide to buy food while you are there, you will find lots to choose from.  Noodle-based dishes are extremely popular but can get messy for someone who is inexpert at eating them. Yakitori is more convenient, as it is a sort of grilled chicken that is served on a wooden skewer with dipping sauce. You can also get bento boxes that combine various snacks in smart little trays with compartments.

Various Countries – Sunflower Seeds

If you go to see a sporting event in Spain, Hungary, Israel, Georgia, or many other countries you will find that sunflower seeds are everywhere. Once the game is over, the stands will be filled with the discarded shells that spectators have left behind.

This is a convenient snack that it is easy to nibble on and that doesn’t contain too many calories. American sports fans have probably seen NBL players nibbling on these seeds. As well as being rich in healthy properties, nibbling on them can help up to burn off nervous energy and feel relaxed, which could explain why fans like them too.

There you have it, some tasty sports snacks around the world. If you love sports, make sure to visit the TwinSpires Edge for some curious info, like the list of tallest players in NBA history. Check it out! 

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